It’s Definitely Not Karma

It’s understandable that we all want to fit suffering into that little box, that pagan system of “Karma” that explains all illness or tragedy as a result of some wicked or sinful past. The problem with that way of thinking is that it isn’t biblical. At all.

In a post last month: “The Truth That’s Hard to Swallow,” I shared with you that I don’t understand why the person who is the nicest, most kind, gentle, and giving man I’ve ever known, is suffering right now. I don’t understand why my pastor, who has faithfully delivered messages from God’s Word since he was just a boy, is enduring excruciating pain, and for this season removed from ministry. I don’t understand why God has chosen to send us on this journey at this time.

All I know is that our God is all wise, and He Himself suffered to secure our freedom from eternal suffering.

And that is the truth that’s truly hard to swallow. He is good. He is all powerful. And He appoints suffering. His suffering brought about my rescue, His pain accomplished my freedom. That truth is hard to conceive.

The True Woman blog is running that post again today. If you missed it the first time, I hope you’ll join me over there by clicking here.

So grateful for each of you and how you continue to support us in prayer and bless us with your precious words of encouragement.

Photo by albaz alba on Unsplash


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