The Grace of Waiting

We live in an age where we’re a bit spoiled by instant gratification and the availability of quick fixes. But quick fixes don’t always come easily. And instant answers can prevent the gracious discipline of “waiting” that is an instructive work of God and is useful in training in righteousness (1 Timothy 4:6-16; Hebrews 12:11).

I’ve said before that waiting is good. And waiting is just where we are right now.

Short update is that LeRoy may have either “Devics” disease (which is a treatable but not curable neurological disease that can cause paralysis) OR another rare infectious disease that IS CURABLE. The second option is what we’re hoping for, but trusting the Father’s good intentions with all of this. They still have test results they’re waiting on to try to determine a diagnosis. Biopsies and lab work is making its way to Mayo Clinic as I type.

There are several teams of doctors who make regular visits to our room. They are actually asking our permission to use him as a case study in a medical journal.

I said, “Sure you can have our permission if it’ll help cover our hospital bill.”

They laughed at that. Oh, well, I tried.

Of course my man would have something that ranks putting it in a medical journal. Not exactly the kind of publishing you normally would aspire to, but hey, who knows how God might use it! Maybe LeRoy’s illness will provide medical information that will serve to help many others.

This morning I wrote the Scripture for the day on LeRoy’s white board and you can join us in lifting this praise to the Father today:

“But I will sing of Your strength and will joyfully proclaim Your faithful love in the morning. For You have been a stronghold for me, a refuge in my day of trouble. To You, my strength, I sing praises, because God is my stronghold – my faithful God” (Psalm 59:16–17).

LeRoy’s PCT, Cody, asked him about the Scriptures that are on his board. Every single day God gives both of us numerous opportunities to share truth and spread God’s glory. It’s been amazing to us how open people are to hear gospel truth!

I’m trying to give updates here with specifics on how to pray for us, but it may be more than you want to read. Today I’ll try to be briefer than normal.

Prayer Praises:

1. Every morning the Lord provides LeRoy with an encouraging and strengthening Word from the Word!
2. If you have to be in the hospital, this is the one we’d choose and so grateful to be under their care.
3. Although the steroids raised his sugar level and he required insulin shots, his sugar level is staying under control at the moment!
4. LeRoy is regaining his strength and has even been able to use a cane to walk (briefly) with a physical therapist assisting him! That’s a HUGE praise! He’s still on a walker and has limited time out of the bed, but we’re seeing improvement in his mobility!!
5. He had his first good night’s sleep last night and we are PRAISING God for that precious grace!
6. Some of our friends have been able to come here from our home church and are helping us take care of the many practical details of life that we need help attending to: paying bills (we do nothing online), getting supplies for the long hospital stay, bringing pictures and notes from little ones at our church.
7. Four PLEX treatments down, three to go!
8. We are praising God for YOU!! Thank you for your prayers, comments, and faithful intercession. LeRoy is so encouraged as I read him the messages and comments from you. Sometimes when he’s so depleted from the PLEX treatments he’ll be so weak he can’t raise his head, but will say, “Babe, read me some of the comments, it helps me to hear from those who are praying.” And your messages encourage him, so thank you, so grateful for you!

Prayer Requests:

1. His fibrinogen level dropped so low that they’ve started giving him frozen Plasma. Pray for protection over the strange blood, meds, and treatments he’s receiving. This man normally doesn’t even take an aspirin for pain! So his body is probably in a bit of shock receiving all of this new stuff.
2. Continue asking for a clear diagnosis. We’re hoping it is only one rare disease and not two.
3. The ability for both of us to get sleep at night. Really needing SLEEP.
4. That God will continue to open doors for sharing His goodness. We’ve passed out many of our books during this hospital stay and had opportunity to share personally with several doctors (privately and individually).

We are so blessed and grateful for you all joining us in this. May God receive glory in the work He is doing.

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