Catch Us on “Focus on the Family” Today!

My husband and I took a little trip together back in November. We spent a week in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and visited the kind folks at Focus on the Family to record some radio programs for them. I really like those people. They’ve got a heart to minister to the broken and needy and have been faithfully doing that for almost four decades.

If you’ve never heard their radio program or checked out their website, I hope you’ll take time to do that today. If you go to their website, you can pull up articles on marriage, parenting, life issues, adoption, and spiritual growth. You can also listen to an online audio version of past radio programs from your computer . . . and they have a treasure chest full of great programs!

We’ve personally benefited from this ministry for several years and are honored to be their guests today and tomorrow.

We’re sharing how God rescued our marriage.

It still blows us away that God would do something like this. Listening to Focus on the Family when we were a young couple, struggling to survive in our marital misery, we would’ve never dreamed that one day God would choose to not only transform our marriage, but He would place the story on this radio broadcast. He never ceases to amaze me.

Only God.

Please join me in praying for men and women who hear this broadcast. I’m asking God to reach couples who are struggling in their marriage and fill them with hope for what He can do.

May God restore marriages that are at the critical place ours once was! Join me in asking Him to do a miraculous work?

Click here to listen online to today’s broadcast.

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