Hitting the Road, Again!

If you’ve pulled up today’s post, I’m asking you to pray for me again. I’m just outside of Washington, DC, and preparing to share with a group of women tomorrow at the 2016 Excellent Living Conference.

It was hard to leave little Adalynn and her family. Was hard to get packed up for another long trip. Was hard to cram the schedule a little tighter to get everything done before hitting the road.

But I’m on the road, leaving our little one, and taking off again because my heart burns with a message. The message that there is more. There is more to live for than the eight-hour-job and the new car, the new house, and the shopping excursions. There is more to live for than what most of the world is in hot pursuit to catch.

We live in a day noisy with the clutter of false ideas and loud, ungodly, rhetoric. Women are confused and in need of truth. Marriages are failing, children are walking away from the faith and women are drowning in a sea of lost dreams and hopelessness. I can’t fix this, but I know One who can.

What is the answer?

Our only hope is a mighty, mountain-moving, earth-quaking, nation-shaking movement of God. I’m asking Him to do this. I’m asking God to bring revival.

A God-Centered Revolution where:

  • People cannot get enough of the Word of God—they hungrily devour it, memorize it, meditate on it, and then (what a novel idea) they actually APPLY it to their daily lives!
  • Employees view their place of work as their mission field and live out their Christianity with integrity, graciousness, a God-centered work ethic, and sincere hospitality.
  • The cynicism of the age begins to close its mouth in wonder over the obvious work of God in people’s lives.

This is what I dream for. This is what I live for. This is why I pack my bags and take another weekend away. I’m only one small speaker in a world of voices, but I pray God meets with us. I pray God moves in the lives of women who are attending this conference.

I’m asking God to ignite the fire of revival.

Will you join me in asking for that?

That’s why I go. I’m one small voice spreading the Word that Christ is the answer to our every need. Will you pray for us?

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