Marriage is a Grace Factory

Would you describe your marriage as a place of grace or a battleground? Far too many believers are struggling in a marriage where they are functioning more like enemies in battle than lovers. Today, LeRoy and I are sharing again with Bob Lepine and Dennis Rainey at Family Life Today and I hope you’ll listen as we talk about what God wants to do in marriages and the role that grace plays in that.

When two come together to unite their lives in marriage, both people bring into that sacred relationship loads of baggage and sinful habits they may have been carrying for decades. Marriage gives the opportunity for us to be squeezed as never before . . . and in that squeezing, we often express ourselves sinfully. But marriage is a grace factory. Every time we’re squeezed, we have the opportunity to cry out and receive God’s grace for help.

Today, on the program, we describe ways to build a new relationship through God’s work of grace that He desires to bring to your marriage. We hope you’ll click over and listen to the program, but also share it with others who may need hope and need to know the grace that God has for their marriage!

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