It’s the Damage Done, Not the Disease

The rare neurological disease that destroyed a good portion of my husband’s spinal cord, leaving him with significant paralysis, seems to have abated . . . as far as we can tell. He hasn’t had another recurrence, thankfully it hasn’t moved to his brain or other vital organs, and the lesions on his spine have almost completely disappeared. So, my prayer now is that the damage it has left behind will begin to heal.

It’s the damage causing the pain, not the disease.

You all have been a faithful band of prayer warriors. Many of you have sent links to websites and recommended various forms of natural treatment and given your medical advice. We’ve been blown away by how many of you have given to us financially, as this has been an extremely difficult and unexpected financial strain and has left him unable to work. We appreciate all of your loving contributions—especially your prayers.

But now, what we’re asking is that you pray for the healing of damaged nerves.

I’m asking God to provide healing for the nerves that are preventing him from using his left leg. I’m asking God to pour out grace and allow LeRoy to be able to function and be active in ministry again, to be able to enjoy our little ones, and be involved in other people’s lives again.

But I’m also asking God to guard and protect my heart from coveting. May I accept every good and perfect gift that God sends. Even if that “gift” isn’t what we’d hoped to receive. Even if that “gift” isn’t how we would write the final chapter of our lives. I’m asking God for grace to live with a yielded heart.

What does it look like to walk through pain and suffering with a yielded heart?

Perhaps it looks like the woman kneeling, washing Jesus’ dirt encrusted feet with her hair out of love for Him. Bearing the pain and rejection that comes with living in a sin cursed world, but reaching out to bless her Savior, no matter the risk.

Perhaps it looks like the man who waits for his prodigal son to return, but trusts the Savior to work, rather than forcing the son to comply to his demands.

Perhaps it looks like these, but for sure it looks like the God-Man on the cross, bearing the cruel weight of all our sin. He yielded to the Father’s will, the plan of redemption, knowing it would require much pain and suffering. It would cost Him His life.

But death did not have Him long . . . He is risen, risen indeed.

Today, LeRoy will have the final Remicade treatment, and the week of Thanksgiving we’ll travel back to Dallas for more appointments and to learn what the neurologist has in mind next. We’ve asked so many times, but will you pray again?

Will you ask God to heal his nerves, but will you also ask that we will live with yielded hearts that glorify Him?

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As always, much love for you dear readers . . .

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

Dear Friends, your prayers are a tangible means of God’s grace in our lives. If you are new to the blog, and unaware of what we’re walking through and how we need your prayers, I hope you’ll read this post from the archives. Even though I’m unable to respond to your comments, I do read every one. For those who share prayer needs, I lift those to the Father and am so grateful to be entrusted with your prayer request. I love to hear from you, so please continue to leave your comments knowing that they matter!

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