Walking the Path He Has for Us

Our journey down this road has really just begun, we’re only eleven weeks into it, and yet we’ve been in training for this road since birth. Before LeRoy let out his first cry, and before I broke the water of mom’s womb, these steps along this path were prepared for us. Preparation happens, even when we’re unaware. That’s one of the deep mercies of God.

Nothing takes Him by surprise; that would be impossible! He plans, prepares, and sets in motion the course He has for us:

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

Early on, the Father taught me necessary lessons on trusting His sovereignty and goodness. One of the first painful lessons came on the bathroom floor as I cried out to Him to stop the miscarriage that was taking our first little one from my womb. More than twenty years later, I revisited that lesson with my daughter’s own losses through more than one miscarriage. His message then was the same as it is today: “I am a trustworthy God.”

This week, I’ve been revisiting the final days of caring for my father. It was preparation for the care-giving role I’m now living. At the time, all I could see was the need to assist my mom with taking care of my dad, but now I realize that season provided practical lessons, opportunities to broaden and deepen my understanding of walking by faith through illness with your man. My mom set a great example for me in sacrificial loving service to my dad, as I watched her expend herself daily, starting early each morning, preparing his breakfast, bathing him in bed, caring for his every need . . . with kindness and compassion.

All along the way, God has lessons in place to prepare us for what He has in store on down the road.

LeRoy was prepared as well. From an early age, he learned the verse, “When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You” (Psalm 56:3).

Throughout his life, God has put LeRoy in the position to face “impossible obstacles” in order to trust God’s good character and plans. God has grown him through each hard road and seeming failure, preparing him for the greatest challenge he’s ever faced.

God has proven Himself faithful in every challenge He’s led us through.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post an update recently. My daily routine looks much different than when I could spend hours a week typing out thoughts in this little space. Days are spent now in a different sort of ministry. There are many meals to prepare, lots of grocery shopping, cleaning, and the continual sorting of meds and medical appointments. The daily landscape and schedule is much different, but God’s faithfulness is the same. His presence is near and tangible, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Where things stand today:

We are waiting. That’s the most accurate update I can give. We had appointments and physical therapy sessions in Dallas the last week in September. The neurology team started LeRoy on a series of high-powered steroids for six weeks. Initially, after starting the steroid treatment, he had three glorious days of feeling almost normal. It was incredible. It renewed my hope for complete recovery. But that proved to be only a temporary reprieve from the excruciating pain he endures.

We’re scheduled to return to Dallas the second week of November for more tests. They still haven’t diagnosed which autoimmune disease he has, so they’ve not really begun treatment, but are just trying to manage his symptoms right now. The neurologist hopes that the steroids will reduce the size of the lesions on his spinal cord. The original plan was to have another MRI on November 14th, but LeRoy has been declining in mobility and his pain continues to be unrelenting, so the neurologist is setting up an MRI for next week. I’m grateful. It will be helpful to know what is going on in his spinal cord right now.

But, no matter what they find on this next scan, the process of trusting is the same.

We’ve walked with the Father long enough to know that He is faithful. We’ve seen His good character on display through many dark seasons. He leads us along pathways of preparation, allowing us to see His work, His provision, His watchful care . . . and then He takes us through another valley where trust is necessary to survive the rugged terrain.

It is no different for you.

You may not be waiting for a doctor’s report, but even so, you are in a season of preparation. I encourage you to not miss the lessons God is wanting to impart. Press in deeply to all He has for you. Ask Him to open your heart to learn and receive. Know that in each moment, He is at work—He is accomplishing His purposes and leading you in the steps He has prepared for you.

We are grateful for your prayers; please don’t let up, we need your intercession!

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