Moving Beyond Number Three

We’ve moved into what seems a new chapter in this journey. For those of you who are new to the blog, let me summarize the past ten months by explaining that much of our life has been consumed by my husband’s physical condition and medical needs. He spent August of 2017 on the neurology floor of an excellent hospital. That wasn’t in our plans, we were actually in the middle of a conference in Prince Edward Isle when he suddenly lost his ability to walk.

To put it bluntly and simply: The only thing that currently functions as it should, below his waist, is his right leg.

LeRoy has a rare neurological disease that caused a significant amount of spinal cord and nerve root damage, thus the paralysis in areas below his waist.

In February of this year, he started undergoing treatment with Remicade infusions. The doctors presented an encouraging picture, telling us that we should see dramatic improvement after the third infusion. That infusion was on March 15.

But there was no dramatic improvement.

In fact, March was a very difficult month for LeRoy. Three rounds of antibiotics, a nasty stomach bug, and most recently, suddenly collapsing—three times hitting the ground, flat on his back. At least he’s had no broken bones. In November, he fell face first and broke off one of his front teeth, so I’m grateful that even though he’s hit the ground several times, he’s had no more face plants.

It seems we make tiny steps forward, then giant leaps backward in reaching toward recovery.

We’ve moved beyond infusion number three, and this week, he had number four. We’re no longer looking to that “magical number three” date on the calendar, but have moved beyond into the even greater unknown—as all of this journey has been—a long walk through the valley of unknowns.

A journey of losses. A season of waiting. And a time to trust more fully the God we know.

Here we are, ten months down the road, and we can assure you that God has remained faithful to His character. We’ve not always been faithful to represent Him well, or reflect His goodness, but He has remained faithful.

We’ve not been able to be real “regular” attenders at our church, but this past week LeRoy was able to sit on a stool and share with our body some of the lessons we’re learning as we walk through this season. I thought some of you might want to hear from the man you’ve been faithfully interceding for and know that your prayers are not wasted. We are being held and supported by our faithful God.

If you click on the link below, it should direct you to his message. As always, we are deeply indebted to you for your gracious intercession for us!

  1. Praying

  2. Posted by Kristin

    Thank you for sharing this! I loved getting to hear LeRoy’s voice and hear him doing what he loves ❤️

  3. Posted by Kristin

    And I am mentioned in this sermon 😂 #guineapigs

  4. Posted by Jennifer Crawford

    Keeping you close in thoughts and prayer.

  5. Posted by Donna Doverspike

    LeRoy and Kim,
    What a powerful message your husband has preach. My continue prayers for you both.


  6. Posted by Kim

    Kimberly – I want you to know that I am praying for Leroy…his pain relief and healing. Praying for you as well. May you continue to feel the Lord’s presence and may he give you strength each day.

    I also want to say thank you, to you and Leroy, for writing those books and making the videos that are on youtube. My husband and I have recently left ministry and have experienced quite a bit of stress in our marriage. Discovering your books last week, was a tremendous blessing. An angel must have directed me to your videos, then your website. My husband can relate to Leroy, and I certainly relate to you. My name is also Kim! We will be sharing all that we have learned from you two, with our christian counselor, this morning. You two have blessed our socks off!!

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. Your ministry continues! Both of you are in our prayers.

  7. Posted by Barbara Rhodes

    Kim and Leroy, we wanted you to know we are praying for you often. Our hearts ache for you. Kim, when I read what you said about missing your man, I can relate. I feel that way about my husband. He had massive stroke 5 years ago on July the 12th. May God bless you all through this time. We love you!!!!!


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