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Sacred Marriage

Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage (Zondervan); is the marriage book I most highly recommend. It’s solidly biblical, encouraging, balanced and practical.


  • Michelle Ellis

    Sacred Marriage – The best book I’ve ever read on the subject. Seven years ago, after 25 years of marriage and 10 years in marriage ministry, God radically changed my outlook. While Mark is my servant-leader and best friend, he can’t fulfill me completely – only Jesus Christ can! I realized that by placing him on a pedestal, I also placed him under undue, undeserved pressure. Thanks be to God (and Gary Thomas) for releasing us both from this conflict and disappointment.

  • Tunisia Paul

    I just got married in July 2018, and I’m driving husband crazy with the mistrust that I struggle with daily. I don’t want to be this way but I am. We are already in a very stressed situation and I’m not making things any better. I pray and ask my husband to forgive me but I continue with the foolery. It’s so unnecessary and we are still Honeymooners!