The Dying Institution of Marriage

What does the actress Cameron Diaz have in common with Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team? They’re both publicly recommending that we chuck the “dying institution of marriage.” In a recent Fox news article, Ablow argued his case for dissolving marriage, claiming it’s “one of the leading causes of major depression in the nation.” That may be true, but dissolving marriage is not the answer. Living out God’s glorious plan for marriage is the answer.

Dr. Ablow’s observation highlights the great need for a biblical marital revolution:
From what I hear in my psychiatry office, and from what I hear from other psychiatrists and psychologists, and from what my friends and relatives tell me and show me through their behavior, and from the fact that most marriages end either in divorce or acrimony, marriage is (as it has been for decades now) a source of real suffering for the vast majority of married people.
To go further, I would venture that 90 percent of the married patients I speak with would rank their marriages in the top two stressors in their lives, while only 10 percent would rank their marriages as one of the top two sources of strength in their lives.
Wow! What a tragic portrayal of marriage. Sadly, based on my years of experience with counseling women, I would have to concur with his observation. My own marriage was once a “source of suffering” for both my husband and me, and we’ve been amazed by the number of couples who’ve shared with us how the painful portion of our marriage testimony “describes where we are exactly!”
Although we were admittedly suffering emotionally, the answer to our marital misery was not dissolving the union, but allowing the power of the Word to bring transformation to our hearts and our relationship.
If you’re struggling in your marriage, I encourage you to watch this seven-minute video about the miracle God worked in my own marriage. I pray—by God’s grace—that your marriage, too, will demonstrate to the world the beautiful and sacred mystery that marriage was intended to showcase (Ephesians 5:22—32).
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