Wrapping Things Up

Are you a “safe place” for your man? For the past several days, we’ve been learning how to be that safe place as we examine the acrostic APPRECIATION. Today we’re finishing up the series with the letters I, O, and N. (If you’re just joining us, you’ll find the first post here.)

I – Invest in Your Man
It’s a great idea to become a student of your husband and his interests. If he is a sports fanatic, join him. If he enjoys hunting, become familiar with it, ask questions, and participate at whatever level he invites you to be included.

Discover what communicates love to him and then practice the golden rule in serving him in the way you would want to be served. Demonstrate love without expecting anything in return–habitually and cheerfully!

O – Overlook a LOT!
There are many things we get hung up on that can be let go. When frustrated by an oversight or blunder, and when tempted to unload a criticism, first stop and ask yourself these questions: In the whole scheme of eternity, does it really matter? Would correcting this mess-up break his spirit?

N – Never Demean Your Man
Never treat your husband with disrespect publicly or privately. Honor God by honoring your husband who is of worth and value simply because he is created in God’s image. Communicate to him that he matters to you (Ephesians 5:22-31).

Use Colossians 3:12-17 as a guideline and cultivate the characteristics you find there.

Other Resources
Revive Our Hearts aired LeRoy’s and my story in the series: “A Hurting Couple Finds True Hope.” You may find it helpful to listen to that interview with your husband or to watch our video together and then discuss similar patterns you see in your relationship. Or re-read this blog series and enter into some honest but gracious and humble communication about how to improve your relationship.

Wrapping Things Up
Everyone needs a refuge. Will you be that place of safety and security for your mate?

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