Needing Some Practical Help with Your Marriage?

This week my husband and I are sharing our story on the Revive Our Hearts radio program, I encourage you to listen in as we talk with Nancy Leigh DeMoss about the powerful work God did in our lives. Consider inviting your husband to sit down with you to view our marriage video and listen to the program at some point this week. It might generate some insightful discussion.

Your husband may relate to some of the things he hears from my husband. If he’s willing to watch the video or listen to the radio program (you can read the transcript or listen online) he might open up to you and share his thoughts on where your marriage is. Be prepared, you might not like some of what you hear.

If you do plan to make this offer to your man, let me encourage you to first:

♥      PRAY

Ask the Lord to prepare you for your husband’s response. Please don’t pressure him. Ask the Father to give you humility and grace to respond well if your husband rejects your offer. This might be something he’s open to do at a later time and you can always pull up the program from the archives and listen when it works for him. If your husband is willing to check out the video or radio program, ask the Spirit to be at work as the two of you listen to our story.

♥      LISTEN

Wait quietly for your husband and allow him to react and share his thoughts after hearing our story. Don’t argue, shift blame to him, or justify yourself, if he shares things that you’ve done that he sees as contributing to your marital problems. Allow him to share freely. Be open and teachable.

♥      CONFESS

If you can relate to what I’ve shared as a wife, let him know. If you’ve been guilty of treating him disrespectfully or not supporting his leadership, ask his forgiveness.


Let your man know you are willing to work on areas where you see you’ve been wrong. Ask him if he will be willing to help you by praying for you.

Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior shares more of our story and provides practical help for building unity in your marriage. If you would like a free copy, share this blog post on your facebook page, twitter feed, or on pinterest. Leave a comment below letting us know you’ve done that.

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  • Annie Wiesman

    This looks like a fantastic book and I’m excited to read it! I shared this link on my facebook page and hope to get my friends reading it as well.

  • Hope Marshall

    I have been listening this week to Revive Our Hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the work that God has been working in your lives. I’m humbled and convicted. May the Lord work these things in my marriage!

  • Lindsey Anderson

    I share this on my fb. Excited to read the book. Thank you so much for your honesty. It is so encouraging.

  • Jenni

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing the hope you have found in submitting to God. I’ve posted this to my facebook.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Ladies, for your encouraging and kind words. Thank you for spreading the message on to your friends so others who are struggling with their marriages might find hope and help here.

    The site administrator will be emailing you to get your mailing address so she can send you a copy of Fierce Women.

    May you experience tangible evidences of God’s grace today!

  • Dee

    I pinned your book on Pinterest.

    I have been listening to your story on Revive Our Hearts. Your story gives hope, a renewed strength to keep going and a change of attitude. God is at work in me.

    Thank you Kimberly for being so open and honest.

  • Helen Henry

    Thank you for sharing your story with millions of people. it has encourgae me to continue the fight for my marriage. i have posted this site on my facebook page and will be sharing this book with everyone that i can.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    If it is still available, I would love a copy of your book! I shared this post to my facebook page.
    I have been so encouraged and challenged by your message! I can totally relate to when you said you only stayed married to honor Christ. I am there, but believing God for a miracle. He will get ALL the glory because the issues are SO huge there is NO way any man could fix my marriage! –take a free spirited, undisciplined,immature, first generation non-denom believer,who happens to have ADD and is full of pride,wit and a sharp tounge and put her together with a steeped-in-tradition PK, deeply wounded, mistrusting guy with anger & addiction issues whose greatest need is order and respect– add in some incredibly difficult situations (lossof a parent, cancer, complicated pregnancy, job loss, toxic mold infested house) and you have a stage for A Holy God to demonstrate His Power and Love!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Wow, Mary Elizabeth,

    Your situation sounds exactly like the kind of place Jesus loves stepping into. He delights in taking what others see as impossible and (as you so beautifully described)using that as a “stage” for Him to “demonstrate His Power and Love!”

    I’m praying for you and your husband to experience this.

  • Kimberly Wagner


    Thank you for spreading the message about Fierce Women to your friends. The offer for a free book is now closed on this post, but check back. We’ll be running this offer again on Thursday, October 4th, 2012. So please let your friends know if they would like to get a free copy to follow the instructions on the blog post then!

    Praying for God’s transforming work in marriages that all may know He is the true and living God!

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Thank You for your prayers! SO vital! “we have not because we ask not” I am asking & believing God for His continued work in us to bring Him glory. He has had this situation in progress long before I knew what was going on. I’m thankful for His divine appointments (You, TW’12, …) that have let me join in on what He is doing! I’m already seeing Him work in, through & around me! We serve an Awesome, Mighty God!
    Bless you for your ministry!

  • Deb

    I know this article is a couple years old, I’m a new follower to this page and I have learned so much from you, Kim. So appreciate your words of wisdom! Does the offer still stand for a free copy of your book? I’d love to have one! Thankyou and God Bless

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Deb ~

    So glad you’ve joined us here–welcome! The site administrator will be getting in touch with you to get your contact information so she can drop you a gift copy in the mail. I hope the book is helpful.

    Blessings ~