Hitting the Wall

On the heels of weeks of activity: good family stuff, out-of-town trips, hosting visitors, and an unexpected, serious surgery for my  father-in-law, I was hit with a nasty upper respiratory infection. I found myself struggling to even make it from the bed to the bathroom.

When I finally started regaining my voice and returned to the land of the living, I found myself paralyzed. Not physically, but  emotionally. Do you ever feel that way? I call it “hitting the wall,” and here’s what I find helpful when that happens.

  • Revisit truth

Scripture is always the place to go. I also have a dog-eared Spurgeon devotional that I’ve marked up through the years. When I’m at a low point, it is so helpful to revisit a verse or devotional page where God has met me many times. I also use my journals to remind myself of His faithfulness. Recounting truth about God is vital for me when I’m slammed.

  • Call on a truth-speaking friend for prayer

I don’t understand all that goes on in the spiritual realm when we cry out to God together, but big things happen. When I  get honest with a trustworthy friend about my need, and she cries out with me for help, God responds in a powerful way.

  • Tackle what’s on my plate in small doses

The hardest thing is actually starting when I’m overwhelmed with my workload.  For the biggies that I’ve been putting off, I set a small goal and then set a timer. That gets me started, and once I accomplish a task, I have more motivation to keep going.

  • Get some rest

When I’m in a depleted state, sometimes the best thing I can do for my body and spirit is to get some sleep. To go to bed earlier than normal. If I have opportunity, I grab a short afternoon nap. Sometimes that means giving up some computer or phone time in order to take care of my health by getting a good amount of sleep.

  • Exercise for endorphins

The last thing I feel like doing when I’ve  hit the wall is exercise—I don’t even feel I can cross the room! But, just like the workload that needs to be tackled, if I set a small goal (walk to the mailbox) it gets my little endorphin buddies to work and soon my outlook is much better.

If you’re not in the wall-hitting phase today, consider saving this blog for one of those paralyzing days. Truth and encouragement are great motivators when you’re struggling to get back in the race! Do you have  any tips you’d like to share?

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  • Tambra Lucas

    I too have found myself overloaded the last 2 weeks, homeschool, fulltime job, housework, and being at the hospital for the last 2 weeks with a very ill mother, being released Sat she then took a turn for the worse she almost lost her life Sunday after I got out a church, having an emergency phone call running to her side, begging her to hang on as she gasp for every breath, waiting for the parametics, and praying desperately that God would give her one more chance. Then for her to wake Monday in ICU as she looks at me and says u saved my life, and I said no mom Jesus did. Her response to my statement was like foriegn language, like disbelief. My heart sunk with sadness was paralyized with grief, that still after 32 years of witnessing to her about Christ, God gave her a second chance, through love and prayer in her almost fatal final moments, and it seemed my mention of Jesus offended her. I held my composer, just long enough to get to the hospital parking lot. As I cried out to God, why does she not want to acknowledge you father? So desperate to be at peace with an answer, I do what brings calmness to my spirit, I run, I put on my Ipod with my favorite worship. I ran for three crying miles, In a small still voice, He let me know I have done all that I can do, and to leave the rest to Him. He is Amazing.
    So my spirit says run to Him, and physically running also gives you a refreshed and clear mind.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Dearest Tambra,

    I am so sorry. I am praying for you and your mom. May the Spirit woo her to Christ. So thankful you are a woman who fiercely follows after Him, who turns to worship rather than self-pity when dealing with sorrow.

    “For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:17–18)

  • Tambra Lucas

    Thank you dear sister, update thanks so much for your prayers for my mom and me. Just this evening She is having a total change of attitude towards God, I was totally amazed, I even thought how could her heart change this quickly, but instantly remembered His still small voice telling me to leave the rest to Him. She is having a surgical test on her heart tomorrow, doctor says its seriously dangerous for her because her heart is extremely weak with conjestive heart failure. Any one reading please pray for her. Her name is Lynn. Our God is more than amazing!

  • Victoria P

    I am praying for you and your mom! I had almost the same exact situation with my mom, unsaved, poor poor health, congestive heart failure, years of coldness towards Christ. Then one Easter, God reminded me (after nearly 13 years) that I needed to still believe and press in. I told my husband “This is the year Mom will get saved!” We had nearly lost her several times then she fell ill again, went into resp distress and was on life support. I begged God to have mercy on my momma! He did! After weeks in a coma, she came out of it. I was so excited to share Christ with her again, but she dismissed it saying she was OK. Several months later we visited her again and I was burdened to share the plan of salvation again. It seemed silly to me after all we had been sharing with her for 13years! But I did obey, this time I used a tool (Sharing Jesus without fear– basically Romans Road), told her how concerned I was for her, asked if I could share some verses with her, went through the verses & questions and she accepted Christ as her savior!
    Keep praying, keep sharing, keep believing! God is FAITHFUL! I can’t wait to meet you and your mom in glory some day!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    I’m praising the Lord, for that awesome testimony, Victoria! Thank you for sharing–how encouraging!