Soaking it Up!

What happens when a sponge falls into a sink full of water? Immediately it absorbs as much water as it can hold. Its dry, shriveled appearance is transformed into a fully saturated cleaning tool.

Yesterday we looked at becoming a “fierce woman of the Word” and we saw that it begins with a heart that eagerly receives God’s Word. Today, I want us to think about what it looks like to “soak up” the Word.

A “fierce woman of the Word” is one who soaks it up—saturates her mind and heart with the Word.

Think of your mind as a dry sponge, and devise a plan for absorbing as much of the Word as it will hold! (Warning: This plan will not work if you have good “intentions,” but neglect to “be intentional” in applying yourself to the task.) Start being intentional by plugging it into a slot in your daily planner–or set your phone alarm–anything that will hold you accountable to your commitment to start absorbing the Word.

Several years ago I made a commitment to God that I would meet with Him daily. Nothing has affected my spiritual growth more. My promise to Him kept me going on days when I was tempted to let my devotions slide. Now, my devotional time is more regular than my eating schedule!

If reading the Word regularly is not the norm for you, I recommend starting out with a helpful tool like a devotional, a workbook study, or a book that focuses on a specific biblical topic. Don’t just read, but look up the Scriptures that are referred to, and then write down your thoughts. Record questions that come to mind and use them for future study.

There are many good reading plans that allow you to read through the Bible in a year—I recommend one that gives a daily sampling from both the Old and New Testaments.

Reading the Bible is the starting place, but for greater understanding, you need to actually study the Word. A good commentary and a study Bible with notes of explanation are helpful.

Devotionals and study tools are great, but they won’t help when left on the shelf. If you want to make the commitment to get serious about growing in God’s Word, I suggest checking out Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ book, A Place of Quiet Rest.

Psalm 119:89-105 describes things about God’s Word that the Psalmist appreciates. I’d love to hear what you appreciate about the Word.

How has it affected your life?

Are you eager to soak it up?

Adapted from my True Woman post: 01.23.2009

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  • Vivian Etherington

    So, I am a few days behind… I read this post and the questions at the end, the thing that came immediately to mind is that I love the Word of God because it gives life to my soul! I am also thankful for it’s transforming power, the instructions on how to live a life that glorifies God– can’t get enough of it!