Scripture in my Pocket

Last week we looked at what it means to be a “Fierce Woman of the Word.” For those of you with little ones filling your life right now, although it’s challenging to fit it all in —getting His Word in you will be your lifeline! 

Spending time in the Word looks a lot different for me today than it did when I was in the “young mommy-hood” season of life. Every waking moment was filled with caring for others’ needs and it seemed impossible to cram anything else in. When I finally adjusted my expectations for what a “Daily Quiet Time” should look like in my season—it freed me up to grab some time with God.

Rather than having lofty plans for an in-depth theological journey but never actually getting started—I determined to read at least a small chunk of Scripture in the morning even if I couldn’t do a full-fledged “Bible Study.” Sometimes it was only one Psalm, a few verses from the New Testament, or one page from a devotional book.

On a small piece of paper or notecard, I’d jot down one verse or a statement from my devotional reading, one thing that spoke to my heart or encouraged me—and I’d stick it in my pocket!

Throughout the day I’d pull out that quickly scrawled note to reflect on it, ask the Lord questions about it, ask Him to show me how to apply this to my life. This would take maybe 30 seconds—it wasn’t a long dialogue or a deep theological study—but I was pressing into God’s presence in those small moments.

There were times when I was really struggling, or in the middle of a frustrating situation, and I would reach into my pocket and feel that piece of paper with the Scripture. Immediately I’d be reminded of the truth God impressed on my heart that morning.

I’d pull out the words scribbled there and have a moment of worship, in the middle of the laundry room or while standing at the stove cooking dinner, and it would bring a literal change in my heart and mind as I was refreshed by the life-giving Word I was reading.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Word to encourage, convict, inspire, and energize even when taken in very small doses. Abiding in Christ means just that. Fellowshipping with Him by feeding on His Word in small bites and then letting those small bites grow into thoughts . . . meditations . . . worship . . . as you’re folding the laundry, while running errands, as you pick up the umpteenth puzzle piece or toy from the floor.

Let His living Word bring refreshment and rest to you throughout the craziness of a busy world. 

(My friend, Heather, has some great thoughts on how to do this when you’re in the young mommy-hood season. I hope you’ll check out tomorrow’s guest post by her!)

Maybe you’re no longer in that season of life or perhaps you don’t have children, but you may know a young mom today who could use a practical way to get in the Word—please send her the link to this post with an encouraging word from you!

How are you getting into the Word right now?


  • Kristina

    I have found carring scripture or a small cross in my pocket to be quite comforting. Sometimes I literally cling to them for strength to make it through the moment. There have been many times when I am unable to think clearly and I have taken the scripture and read it out loud declaring the LORD’s promises over me and/or my situation. It has helped to renew my mind for it is sharper than any double edged sword. God’s word is my life line for sure!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Kristina ~

    Yes, I totally agree with you, God’s word is our life line! Good to hear from you, thanks for sharing your heart.

    Blessings ~