Your Voice

I’ve been so blessed by hearing from some of you how Fierce Women has impacted your life.
You’ve encouraged me by sharing how God has opened your eyes to things you’ve never seen
before. One friend said, “We have a good marriage, but while I was reading your book God
tenderized my heart toward my husband in a way I haven’t felt since we were first married.”

I think we should shout the good works of God from the rooftops—so He will be glorified!
When you share how He has worked in your life, it gives hope to women who’ve grown weary
with waiting. It gives evidence to the power of the gospel.

So, here’s your rooftop!

Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man. Come
and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul. (Psalm 66:5, 16)

Please add your voice of encouragement by leaving a comment and let us know how God is
at work. I’d love to hear about specific things in the book you are implementing or how your
marriage has been affected by reading Fierce Women.

Shout out your praise for God’s good works below!


  • Sherri

    I heard your story on Focus on the Family today. My marriage of 23 years is all but over. My “roommate”/husband is living in the basement. I have found a lot of specific evidence of his affair and financial misconduct. I can relate to many of your points of your acronym for emasculation but at this point, I think he has crossed over a line that would make it possible to have an outcome like you had. I really need to know what you think. I know God is in the miracle business, but he has plans to marry the other woman. (He does not know I am aware of all of this). It is hard for me to believe that even if I humbled myself to him that anything would change in his heart. Please let me know what you think.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Sherri ~

    I am so very sorry for the painful challenge you face. You’re in a difficult place–but I assure you, it is not beyond the scope of God’s grace. First of all, I strongly encourage you, if you were at all convicted by the Spirit of any way you have wronged your husband during your marriage (whether through the Emasculation acronym or when listening to the Focus program)–confess that to him and ask for his forgiveness. Don’t do that for the sake of “getting him to change” but do it because it is what honors God and is necessary in order for you to be restored to a relationship with God (1 John 1:9).

    Your husband has sinned against you, and that does not need to be ignored, but realize that you can’t fix him, but you are responsible to do what is right before God–even if your husband never changes. I hope you’re involved in a good church body and have mature spiritual leadership that you can reach out to for help. Your marriage is not beyond God’s power and ability to redeem! But you do need outside help and counsel in order to navigate this difficult terrain with wisdom.

    If you have the book, I hope you’ll look at “Guidelines When Confrontation is Necessary” in the Appendix. You can also find it on this website (I’ll post the link below). Please pray through these steps and consider the counsel from the Scriptures listed.

    The two of you need to have some honest but grace filled conversations. I pray that God will provide the wisdom and grace necessary to begin a recovery process. It may help to sit down with your husband and watch our marriage video together (I’ll post the link below) and have a non-threatening discussion where you share your heart and confess that you’ve sinned against him–without bringing up accusations or mentioning his sin. Let God bring your husband to a point of confession.

    I am so sorry, Sherri, I know you are hurting–but more importantly, the Father knows you are hurting. Cry out to Him to be your help. Ask Him for forgiveness and to cleanse you. Appeal to Him for grace and wisdom to proceed forward.

    May He meet you with fresh grace, courage, wisdom, and insight.

    Praying for you!!



  • Sherri

    Thank you for your reply. I have a few questions before I proceed with speaking to my husband. 1) I know you had your confession in front of your children. My concern is that my situation is much less hopeful as he has already moved on in his heart (and body) to commit to another woman. I do want my children (ages 12,17,and 20) to know I need forgiven in my part of this, but I am afraid this confession may lead them to think all will be great between their parents now and I don’t want to give them false hope. 2) his misconduct includes illegal money issues -taking out large loans and electronically signing my name as well as spending large amounts of money on the other woman and racking up large amounts of debt. 3) I am connected to a good church but have not confided in anyone as I do not want anyone to pass on to him all of the things I am aware of. Thank you for any further Godly wisdom and your prayers.