Arriving a Little Late to the Party

I’ve been wanting to read In the Land of Blue Burqas for awhile now. For weeks it sat in a large stack by my nightstand. (So many good books—so little time!) But when I finally picked it up, I could hardly put it down. I won’t give a full review here, I’d rather you read the excellent one my friend Carolyn McCulley wrote here.

I just want to say that after reading the book—I love Jesus even more. I appreciate how Kate (the author’s pseudonym) describes my Savior. She does a masterful job of contrasting our God with the Muslim’s god. You can check out her comparison here.

I also found myself throughout the book, continually thanking God for treating women with respect. I’m thankful we serve a Savior who loves women and elevates us rather than demeans and trivializes our worth to Him.

Nancy DeMoss interviewed the author on Revive Our Hearts and I was captivated as she drew me into the Afghan homes, as she relayed conversations with the Afghan people, but especially as she helped me taste a little bit of the Afghan woman’s life. It was a bitter taste. It again caused me to be grateful I was born in a nation where we still experience freedom of religion, where many of our laws protect women rather than support abusive treatment of women.

I encourage you to pull up those programs and listen here 

Kate also wrote a helpful blog article on starting a conversation with your Muslim neighbor. Starting that conversation is the first step in sharing the gospel with them. I encourage you to check it out. You can read it here.

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  • Jody Gates

    I am reading this book too. About halfway done, coming to the same conclusions. Thankful I live in a nation where women are free and giving me ideas as to how to pray for Muslim women.