A Spring Tour You Don’t Want to Miss!

I’ll never forget sitting in on the very first days of the Revive Our Hearts radio program recordings. There were about twenty-five (maybe less) of us crammed into a small, concrete block Sunday school room that was temporarily converted into a “studio” of sorts for two days of recordings. It was the launch of a ministry that has impacted women across the globe.

In that little room, there were women from all seasons of life, coming from a diversity of church and socio-economic backgrounds, but all with one thing in common: we were needy women. Even Nancy Leigh DeMoss admitted to her own neediness as she stood to begin that first session. So before we began the day, she invited women to pour out their hearts in prayer, confessing their neediness and asking God to meet with us.

And He did.

Before the day was over, woman after woman voiced how God was dealing with her, how He used the Word, and the messages being recorded, to open her eyes to her own sin and need. As women confessed, we gathered around each one to pray for her. The sense that God was birthing a powerful movement, by His Spirit, was palpable in those early days and I believe that was just a small foretaste of what He wants to do on a much larger scale.

In the first decade of the radio recordings I was privileged to be a kind of under-rower in prayer support for the ministry, but also I benefited each time I sat under the Word in these recordings. I was making an eternal investment every time I rearranged my busy schedule to place recording days as a priority.

Now many of you will have that same opportunity. 

This spring Revive Our Hearts and Nancy Leigh DeMoss are hitting the road and traveling to eight different cities. Why? So you can learn more about the mission and message of Revive Our Hearts, and be included in a recording session. So a greater number of women can get in on what God is doing. This is more than just an invitation to sit on some great biblical messages . . . this is an invitation for you to experience and be a part of a life-changing work.

From Texas to Michigan, Indiana to Michigan, the Revive Tour will be traveling across the country from March through June. Click here to get more details and information on registering. It will be like attending a conference for free!

I’m putting a few of these dates on my calendar and looking forward to being a part of the Revive Tour. How about you? I know we’re all busy, have tons of stuff on our plates, but you won’t regret this . . . it is an eternal investment!