Inviting You to Join the Movement

Some of you may’ve come to a True Woman Conference. Many women have expressed the desire to attend, but you live several hours away and are unable to travel that far. One way you can introduce the women in your community to the True Woman Movement is through hosting your own True Woman “Mini-Conference.”

I’m so excited to be with a group of hungry-hearted women at Foothills Bible Church in Littleton, Colorado as they host their own True Woman event. I’ll be sharing with them on Saturday about how to experience the joy and fulfillment that only God can bring and how He wants to use their womanhood to demonstrate to the world how awesome He is!

I love the motivation these women have to get the word out about God’s purpose for our lives as women. They’ve planned, prepared, and now they are inviting women in the area to come and attend. If you live in the Denver area, it isn’t too late to register for the conference. I’d love to meet you!

Check out the great videos below they made to promote the conference and get more information on their website!