I Love When God Shows Up Like This!

On Saturday morning, the True Woman ’12 Conference was winding down to a close when God surprised some of the leadership. All of the program had been carefully planned, down to the tiniest detail . . . but as always, the leadership is open to anything God may want to orchestrate that is different from the written program.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss was to be the final speaker, but I’m thankful she’s flexible and ready to adjust the schedule to God’s agenda. This is how she describes what happened that morning:

“So finally the time came for me to get up and close the conference with a closing session. As I’d been sitting on the front row and thinking that morning, I was reminded of a burden I’d had over the past several days, and that was to pray for the women at the conference—women in different demographics and seasons of life—and to take some time to cry out on behalf of those women.

It became apparent to me as I saw there that that’s what we needed to do to close the conference; that there was a reason the Lord hadn’t given me direction for that closing message; that we were to close that conference in a way similar to how we had started it—and that was in a prayer meeting.”

You can read or listen to the entire story here. But if you want to be a part of that Saturday morning prayer meeting, just join in by praying as the video below runs.

True Woman ’12 Prayers from the Stage from TrueWoman 101 on Vimeo.