Reflecting Christ

Yesterday I shared with you some thoughts on “learning contentment” and I referred to Paul’s prison experience. While in prison, he made it clear that he was thankful for his situation and it was obvious that he trusted that God was using it for His great purpose.

God desires every place of difficulty, every school of affliction, each fiery trial, to be an opportunity for you to know Him in a deeper and more meaningful way and through that intimacy for you to reflect Him to others.

Remember what I said last week about being the “spitting image” of God? I have some friends who are some of the truest women I know, who beautifully “image God” and reflect the transforming power of the gospel. I’m talking about my sisters at the McPherson Women’s Prison in Newport, Arkansas. These are women who are living out their identity as God’s image bearers and I’d like for you to hear some of their stories.

I LOVE this video clip because it so clearly shows the transformation the gospel brings. These women are a beautiful reflection of the contentment and freedom that knowing Christ can bring.

As you see their radiant expressions of joy, I hope you’ll consider how you are reflecting Christ to others.