Let’s Hear from the Wisdom Section

She grabbed my hand to thank me. Earlier that day, I had spoken at a luncheon for “Senior Saints” in the church. As she held my hand, tears  brimming, she said, “Thank you for conveying to us how valuable we are to the  Church; for calling us the ‘wisdom’ of the church body.”

I keep hearing her words in my head. I long to see older women coming alongside the younger. They could be such a blessing to the  younger generation, but I wonder if they’re hesitant because they don’t think  they have anything to offer . . .

Or perhaps they feel no one would listen.

When I travel to other countries, I see those who’ve lived  long and full lives being respected for their knowledge and life experience. Our  culture celebrates youth to the exclusion of our elders—and we are reaping the  consequences of that silence.

We need to hear from those who’ve traveled life’s road much longer than we and glean from what they’ve learned through their years of  living out the Truth of the Word. I long to hear from a woman in her eighties about  how I can love Christ more. I want to hear older women talk about what they’ve seen God do, the prayers He’s answered; to rejoice with them over victories and  be encouraged by their faithfulness.

All of us are in the “older woman” category in some sense—we  all have younger women coming behind us—but I still consider myself young and  needy enough to reach for input from elders.

Any suggestions on how we can encourage the older generation  to share their wisdom?

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  • Melissa Rogers

    The “younger” women need to learn to humble themselves and ask! We do not have it all together. Timothy would not have been Timothy without Paul!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Good word, Melissa!

    Thanks for the comment, hoping a lot of young women will listen to your counsel 🙂

    Good to hear from you, friend!

  • Jen

    Love this days blog! I have always been one who yearned to hear from older women. I am grateful to hear their stories and learn from their godly wisdom and knowledge. I often seek out older women because I am so thirsty for the Lord and I know I have much to learn. Sometimes you will see older women look amazed that some of us younger women want to learn from them, but we do!! I also try to help those younger than me with what I have learned in my walk with God. I’ve learned younger women do not always ask me because it can be intimidating. Soo I think older and younger women, which we are all older and younger in some way, ought to encourage and reach out to each other!! I know I need help in my walk, but I also know someone coming up behind me needs help to.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    So true, Jen ~ and I’m so thankful there are young women like you that are thirsty for the Lord and have receptive hearts to learn!

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts!