What’s Your Season?

Heather Patenaude is a friend who has posted here before and I want to share her wisdom with you again. I love her encouragement for us to consider embracing our season with intentionality!

You may be in the young motherhood season and your primary mission field is your home, or you may be an older woman and have more hours available to move beyond your home to minister.

As you read, consider how you are embracing this season and intentionally using it to be used by God in spreading the gospel and advancing His kingdom purposes.

Here’s Heather:

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). With my second son I remember crying to my husband, “Luke will never go to bed before 10 p.m. I’ll never go to bed early again!”

There was the hopeless feeling in potty training, wondering, “He will never poop on the potty!” With all three boys there were times when they were about six months old where I felt like, “I will have a baby attached to me forever!”

Motherhood is filled with different seasons. Not the ones that bring pretty flowers or the sound of wind in the crispy leaves, but those challenging seasons of mothering. Each new season of mothering will bring about a new set of challenges, some we’re prepared for, others hit our blindside.

How do we embrace these seasons with intentionality? How do we keep sane and walk gracefully through each challenging season? Here are a few suggestions to help embrace these seasons with intentionality!

• We must keep these seasons in perspective. They are short! Very short! In the moment the sleepless night season seems like eternity, but in reality it goes pretty quickly. All three of my boys go to bed by 8 pm and sleep through the night. I don’t have diaper duty anymore and I’ve not had a baby attached to me for over 2 years! All those season are over!

• Find a mother ahead of you on the path of mothering (MOPS is a great place to find a mom like this). Having a friend who is walking just two or three years ahead of you can provide a sounding board.

Lori was my friend who walked just ahead of me. Her insight into simple things like when to introduce silverware to my baby helped me feel more confident as a mom. Whenever I faced a new season that confused, challenged, or frustrated me, Lori would be my sounding board.

• Find an older mom with grown children. Oh, how I love the wisdom of a mom whose children are out of the house. Their perspective helps when you’re feeling spent and don’t know how you’ll endure whatever season you’re facing.

There’s a few older women in my life that have encouraged me, some do so intentionally, others have made passing comments that keep me embracing whatever season I am currently in. It’s good to keep company with wise older moms who will keep seasons in their right perspective.

• Take a deep breath! Often times as moms we don’t stop to enjoy the moments we have now. We’re just trying to survive and we forget to enjoy the scenery around us.

Take time to enjoy the simple things motherhood brings: the laughter of our toddler when Daddy is making silly faces. Or the warmth that comes from a limp, calm baby asleep on us. Enjoy the messes that kids bring. Take time to read that “just one more” night time story. Smile at the expressions of your child enjoying a swing for the first time.

Take time to stop, take some mental pictures, and enjoy motherhood. These years will go very fast! Intentionally embracing each season will require us to pause and realize that, although this season is a challenge, you only get it once with your child!

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  • Debbie S

    Thanks! I’m sending the link to this post to my daughter who has a three year old and a nine month old!

    It’s so true that at the time of struggling it seems like forever, then the time passes and you say to yourself, “Where did the time go?”

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Oh, good, Debbie! I’ll also have several “motherhood/parenting” type posts mid-April through Mother’s Day.

    Can’t believe I don’t still have little ones running through the house! But I’m loving “round 2” with grandchildren 🙂