A Pivotal Moment

I can run through a photo gallery in my mind and revisit hundreds of pivotal moments; meeting points when God dealt with me. Pivotal moments are those times when God’s truth so clearly penetrates and opens my eyes to something I’ve missed before and I finally surrender in obedience. There are a few of these that stand out as course changing, and I marvel at how the choice made at that crossroad resulted in a chain of providential events.

In 2011 I stood at one of those critical junctures when I headed to a conference. I was battling fear and wavering big time with God’s assignment for me. I felt like I was drowning. I thought I was just going to a good conference, Revive ’11, but God had more in mind than just “attending a good conference.” He had an appointment to meet with me there.

I was sitting on the front row (by accident I ended up there—or so I thought). Now that I look back, I think God reserved that seat for me, all alone—no one in the seat beside me—so that spot could become an altar with Him. Dr. Crawford Loritts was bringing the message and as He spoke, I knew this was God’s word for me to apply to the situation I was struggling with.

I began to break on that altar, confessing that I’d caved to fear rather than walking by faith through this foreign territory. I realized, as Pastor Loritts spoke, that I had to obey God in this assignment. I had to step into the gap of trusting Him.  

One thing I love so much about the ministry of Revive Our Hearts is the sensitivity to allow God to move and work beyond conference schedules. When Pastor Loritts finished his message, Nancy Leigh DeMoss asked us to gather in small groups to share and pray.

My group consisted of four women who know me well. As I poured out to them my fears, they spoke truth and words of encouragement, and then went to battle for me in prayer. I entered that auditorium as a weak and weary servant and rose from our prayer time girded with hope and courage for the assignment.

This fall you have the opportunity to attend Revive ’13: Women Helping Women. From past experience, I can assure you it will be a pivotal meeting point for women who attend. We’ll hear messages from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Paul Tripp, and others. But most importantly, this will be a place where God can speak to you, challenge and encourage you.  

This conference is a priority for me because I’ve experienced God working in every Revive Our Hearts conference I’ve attended and I don’t want to miss what He has for me there!

If you’ve been at one of our conferences, I’d love to hear from you. How did God meet with you? What life-changing work did He do?

I’ll be there and I hope you will, too. Give me a big hello!