Esther’s Faith Journey

Have you ever noticed how God likes to show up in the details and just do a God-thing? I love when He does that. I’m glad He’s a God who delights in the details and I think He enjoys amazing us with that.

When we stand amazed, He is glorified. 

Almost two years ago my son married his precious wife. Like most newlyweds, they had big plans. She wanted to complete her schooling, they wanted to do some traveling, they planned to serve on some mission trips . . . and maybe after several years and greater financial stability, well they’d think about children. But God had other plans.

God began to show up during their time in the Word. He began to challenge them to consider whether they were living out their agenda for their lives or His. He began to gently but clearly bring Scriptures to mind that rocked their world.

One Scripture in particular would not leave them alone:

[box]“And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14b)[/box]

My precious daughter-in-law kept hearing this refrain and God’s challenge of “How do you know that I might not have one for the kingdom, a child, for such a time as this?”

With clear confirmation, they surrendered their plans, their agenda, and stepped out in a journey of faith. Nothing happened right away—other than God demonstrating that He was the One in the lead now and they were to follow Him. Rather than asking Him to line up with their plans and throw a blessing on their agenda, they were now looking to Him to lead them step by step.

In God’s perfect timing little Esther Faith was conceived. esther2

In preparation for her arrival, her mother has been writing a “faith book” for Esther. She’s included Esther’s story with details of how God has already used her life to build her parent’s faith. She’s including specific answers to prayer related to the pregnancy and birth. Esther’s faith book will include family member’s testimonies and stories of faith. When Esther is old enough to read this treasure it will serve as a sacred story; a written record of her spiritual heritage.

One significant detail the book will include is the date of little Esther’s birth.  

God appointed Sunday, April 14th, as the day he would bring this precious child into our lives. In the early morning hours he woke my daughter-in-law with the beginnings of birth pangs, and although it wasn’t quite her “due date” according to the Doctor’s plan, it was Esther’s due date according to God’s plan.

Because, we need never forget that He is a God of details and a God that delights in amazing us!  

esther3God led Esther’s parents to step out in faith through Esther 4:14, and in His perfect timing, the Father graciously brought Esther Faith into our lives on 4/14. He never ceases to amaze me! (Just one more detail of a God-thing for Esther’s faith book.)

Her arrival marked her first step in the journey God has planned for her. We are so glad He brought her and look forward to all the ways He will use her to impact her generation “for such a time as this!”