Mommy Authors!

If you’ve been following the blog this month, it’s been pretty obvious that I’ve been writing to moms and grandmas, but even if you’ve never had a child, I hope you’ve picked up on a few helpful life principles. This isn’t a parenting blog, but there are a few Mommy bloggers and authors that I want to introduce you to as we finish up our month on Mothering.

Meet my friends, Erin, Heather, and Carrie!

We’ve had Erin Davis here before. Her book, Beyond Bath Time: Re-imagining Motherhood as a Sacred Role is one that I hand out to new moms. Erin lifts the curtain to see beyond the piles of laundry and provides a peek into the sacred. She challenges moms to live beyond the daily monotony that threatens to suck the joy from motherhood. Erin encourages moms with truths like this: “Your small tasks have the power to point to a very big God if you are determined to do it all for His glory.” 

Heather Patenaude is still in the trenches of motherhood and I love her outlook. She’s shared here before. Heather is passionate about living a Christ-centered life and her passion flows over to being a wife to John and a homeschool mom to: Miles 8, Luke 6, and Clark 3. Heather serves as the site administrator and authors several articles at the Beyond Bath Time blog 

Carrie Ward shares her own journey through the Bible with her young children in Together: Growing Appetites for God. She’ll inspire you to pick up your Bible and dig into it with your own little ones! Carrie and her husband, Wes, live in Michigan with their four kids; two cats; and Lab named Jeffrey. Wes heads up the media efforts for Revive Our Hearts.

These are precious women I count as friends and I know you’ll enjoy hearing their hearts the next few days!