Practical Tips to Serve a New First-Time Mom

By Heather Patenaude

I received a text from a new mom recently. It took me right back to those first few weeks I navigated the waters of motherhood. Everyone else made motherhood look easy! But now, with this 7 pound bundle, I felt clueless!

8 years and 3 kids later, I read the text from my new mom friend and just smiled thinking, “Oh the newborn stage goes so fast and yet everything seems so overwhelming!”

As “seasoned” moms how can we serve new first time mommies?

Here are a few practical tips:

1) Offer no advice. Everyone has an opinion on what the new mom can do. When she is talking about sleepless nights and fussy baby, she may want to vent. Just listen. Only offer advice if she is looking for advice. A wise new mom will ask for advice.

2) Take a meal, past that first two weeks, maybe 4 to 8 weeks after baby comes. Make sure you check for allergies or preferences. When you take a meal try to use all disposable containers so she doesn’t have to get your dish back to you (unless you stop by a day or two later to pick it up). And when you stop by, offer to clean for her!

3) If you are at an event with a new mom and you see that “worn out, tired, struggling” look, offer to hold and care for her baby so she can socialize with other adults. A little “break” may be just what she needs.

4) Check in with a new mom a few weeks after baby is born. I remember feeling like it was new and exciting the first few weeks and had lots of help, but as the weeks turned to months the support that came down the road was also very helpful. Ask her how she is really doing? Ask if there is anything you can do for her?

5) Make up scripture cards with verses of encouragement. It can be difficult to get time in the Word as a new mom, so giving her some “go-to-verses” can help sustain her in those exhausting first few weeks.

6) Pray for her. After you pray for her text or send her a message to tell her you are praying for her.

7) Look for unique opportunities to serve her.

8) Pay for her to attend MOPS or a moms group for the first year!

9) Mail her a note of encouragement and include your phone number!

We must remember that motherhood is a team sport! New moms and seasoned moms should look for ways to serve one another!

What would you add to this list?

(I’d like to thank my friends on Facebook who helped add to this list!)

HEATHER PATENAUDE is passionate about living a Christ-centered life. This passion flows over to being a wife to John and a homeschool mom to: Miles 8, Luke 6, and Clark 3. Heather is “doing” motherhood right along the side of most of you and hopes that she can encourage you to look beyond your “bath time” challenges and embrace the beautiful calling of motherhood!

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