Tongue Fast

Have I ever told you about the time I went on a “tongue fast”? I was a young mom, and I became so disgusted with my inability to control my harsh words that I determined to just “be quiet” for three days. My children were old enough for me to explain to them why I was “holding my tongue.” Thankfully my daughter was able to read my quickly scrawled notes when I needed to communicate.

By God’s grace, I’ve grown some in the years since the “fast,” but there are still days when I find myself wishing I could tape my mouth shut!

How about you? You may never have literally taped your mouth shut, but could your tongue use a little taming? Today, why don’t you start by reading through James 3:1–12? After reading this passage, do you think the problem is the tongue or the heart? Jesus has a pretty strong view on the matter. Read what He said in Matthew 12:34–37 and Matthew 15:18–19.

These passages seem to indicate that the real issue is our heart rather than our tongue . . . or could it be both?

I have some ideas on this and also suggestions for taming this unruly animal. But first I’d like to hear from you in the comment section below, and then please check back and we’ll continue looking into the matter of the tongue in the book of James on Monday. See ya then!

Originally posted on the True Woman Blog