Finger Wagging and Distracted Hearts

[box]“Martha was distracted with much serving.” (Luke 10:40)[/box]

“When you and I sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His Word and then sit at His feet and lavish our worship and love upon Him, there will be an impact. . . . True worship and devotion will make our lives fragrant and will perfume the environment around us. Our homes, our churches, even our places of work will bear the sweet scent of our devotion. Most importantly, the Lord Jesus will be pleased. And ultimately that is all that really matters.” —Nancy Leigh DeMoss1

Are you ever, like Martha, tempted to place your hands on your hips, and wag an accusing finger in Christ’s face while verbally assaulting Him with orders? Sounds ridiculous to think we’d ever do this, doesn’t it? But I think it happens more times than we realize. Not literally, but spiritually I can wag my finger at Him and rush on past what is most important.

It’s easy to become so preoccupied with activity (even ministry activity) that we lose sight of what is most important. When we are so busy that we neglect to stay at our Master’s feet, we’ve developed a distracted heart.

Because women generally multitask easily, we may be more prone to function with a distracted heart, whizzing through our quiet-time exercises without ever experiencing God’s presence or even remembering what we’ve just read or who we’ve prayed for.

Have you ever found yourself running to the next ministry opportunity or Bible study while spewing out impatient or unkind words to those who impede your progress along the way? What about being so busy preparing a meal to “minister hospitality” to friends that you injure your family with a harsh or demanding spirit? Ouch. Been there. Done that. Hate it.

Impatience, harshness, unkind words, and a demanding spirit are the effects of a distracted heart.

There is nothing—nothing—more important than spending time each day at the Master’s feet. Without the intimacy that this intentional devotion provides, our hearts will grow weary, we will spend our days without clear direction, and ultimately our hearts will become dry and barren. We will harm others rather than being the fragrance of Christ in their lives.

Take Time to Reflect

Sit at your Master’s feet today and use Psalm 34 as a prayer of worship and adoration. Don’t be in a hurry! Where is your heart right now? Although you may faithfully be in the Word, you can be guilty of functioning with a distracted heart and “checking the box,” approaching your devotional time as just another spiritual “duty.”

I hope you’ll take the time right now to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the true condition and needs of your heart.

1Nancy Leigh DeMoss, A Place of Quiet Rest (Chicago: Moody, 2000), 234.

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  • Vivian Etherington

    I couldn’t agree more: ” there is nothing–NOTHING– more important than spending time each day at the Master’s feet. There is a Laura Story song called “There is Nothing” about spending time with the Lord that I love. I am so blessed by those people in my life who carry the fragrance of Christ so evidently because they spend time in His presence truly worshipping. Kim, you’re one of them! Always refreshing to spend time with people like that. My desire is to be one of those people too! Sometimes the battle is really fierce to not have a distracted heart or mind. I am finding that memorizing and meditating on Scripture is a great tool to help. I just read, before reading your post, from Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” We MUST take time to be quiet. Reminds me of a great chapter in a book you recommended to me a few yrs ago by Gary Thomas, Seeking the Face of God; the chapter title, Cultivating the Quiet. I think it’s my favorite chapter in the book. I am so thankful to have women in my life who encourage me in my pursuit of Christ! Thank you for being one of those, Kim!