Can a Woman’s Fierceness be a Good Thing?

That’s the subject of today’s broadcast on Family Life Today. Recently they interviewed me on this topic and I’m sharing that interview below. You can listen to it here on the blog, or pull it up on their website today.

Click here to download the audio file directly.

I am thankful for the folks at Family Life Today. If you’ve never heard their radio program or checked out their website, I hope you’ll take time to do that today. They have tons of great resources on their site, but also they host marriage conferences across the country and around the world. If you go to their website you can pull up articles on marriage, parenting, life issues, adoption, and spiritual growth. You can also listen to an online audio version of past radio programs from your computer . . . and they have a treasure chest full of great programs!

Click here to check out their website. If you normally listen to them by radio, today through Wednesday you can hear my interview with them about Fierce Women (or you can also listen online at their website).

Please join me in praying for men and women who hear this broadcast. I’m asking God to reach couples who are struggling in their marriage, to fill them with hope for what He can do, and then give them the grace and power to begin rebuilding their relationship.