The Why of Worship

Today we’ve reached the pinnacle in this blog series on worship where we ask why. Why should we worship? What’s the big deal?

1. God commanded it.

When Jesus was tempted by the devil in the wilderness in Matthew 4, the last temptation specifically dealt with worship. That is what the enemy craves—that our worship and devotion be directed away from God and turned toward him. Remember what the enemy did to Job? He thought by taking all Job had it would cause him to curse God, but Job’s response after suffering great loss was to worship.

2. God is seeking those who will worship Him.

As we saw in the first blog post in this series, God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. If God is looking for individuals who will be all about worshiping Him, then I want to be one of those He’s looking for!

3. Worship allows me to give to God what He is due.

Worship is the proper response of the creature to his Creator. How can we not worship the One who created us? How can we not worship the One who redeemed us when we were dead in our sins? Worshiping God is the least I can do. My worship of Him doesn’t require an animal sacrifice or a grain offering—but God deserves my life to be an ongoing act of worship as a living sacrifice.

4. Worship expresses God’s value to others.

I think this is the heart of why God calls us to worship Him. How will the watching world know that He alone is God if we who claim His name do not demonstrate His value as the only true God through worshiping Him? In order for the nations to know that He alone is the way of salvation, we must be showing them that He alone is God.

How are you expressing God’s value to others today?

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  • Tambra Lucas

    Yes love this! This is always on my heart!! And it so excites my heart to remind myself of His jealous love for us! Just the fact that He is seeking us blows me away. I too want to be one of those He is seeking. And as He seeks I want Him to find my heart to be in tune with His! I want to be found worshiping,adoring Him, and glorifying Him!
    In John 4:23,24 I went over that passage just last week in my quiet time again, as I have many times before and it just keeps my heart centered on His Word knowing He is looking for those whose hearts are devoted and loyal to Him. Looking for those who love His Word, seeking those hearts of surrender and worship. Searching for those who are dependent on Him and desperate for Him. In 2 Chronicles 16:9 His eyes look to and fro throughout the whole earth, just looking and searching and seeking for those who are truly devoted to Him and worshiping Him. I want to be there!

    I so do not want Him to be looking and find me not being loyal, or not being devoted or not worshiping Him. The fact that His Word says He is looking and seeking for true and genuine worshipers, means He is also seeing those that are not devoted to Him or genuinely worshiping Him. Oh that should convict and sadden our hearts for we all have times when we are not where we should be, should He find us not worshiping? That is why we have to guard our hearts with diligence.

    Oh Father, help us to continually keep our eyes fixed on who You are and what You have done, that It will cause us to give up our self centered lives and be a living sacrifice of worship surrendered to You everyday in and through all circumstances. Help us not to allow the trials and the sufferings of this world to cause us to lose focus and allow the enemy to rob us from our greatest joy and blessing , of worshiping and adoring You!! Father, You keep our hearts in perfect peace our lives are in Your hands.