A Different Kind of Give-Away!

We’ve had fun offering gift copies of Fierce Women here on the blog and today you’ll have the chance to win a free copy, but this give-away is going to be a little different.

Remember the men in Luke 5 who literally tore the tiles off a roof so they could lower their paralyzed friend into the house where Jesus was? The crowd was so thick, the needs everywhere were so great, that their paralyzed friend couldn’t reach the help he needed on his own. He could’ve easily been overlooked; he could’ve missed out. But mercy came his way!

His friends didn’t forget about his great need. They instituted a rescue plan! 

Today, I’m inviting you to be involved in rescuing your friend!

If you’ve read Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior and it’s helped you in any way, today we’re giving you the chance to win a copy for your friend. If you’re like me, you know several women who are struggling in their marriage, some are separated or heading for divorce. They need a helping hand right now; they need a friend who cares.

This rescue plan will take some effort and involvement on your part. I’m not asking you to make any roof holes, but I am going to ask you to do a few things.

Read carefully:

  1. Pray about what friend needs this book.
  2. Write a comment below telling us how your life has been affected by reading Fierce Women.
  3. Copy that comment and paste it to your Facebook page, letting your friends know how your life was impacted and inviting them to check out the book and this blog site. (Let them know they have a chance to win a free copy of the book!)
  4. If you don’t have Facebook, put this link on your twitter page or other social media site.
  5. Three of you will be chosen by the site administrator to win a book for your friend. It won’t necessarily be the first three, so don’t give up if a lot of people have already left comments!
  6. The site administrator will post the winners in the comment box on Friday and will also email you to get contact information about mailing the book to you (or to your friend).
  7. One more thing, if God put a certain friend’s name on your heart and you didn’t win a gift copy, consider whether He wants you to make an eternal investment by purchasing a copy for your friend. (If it were up to me, I’d give every copy away . . . but then I might put Moody publishers out of business!)

I am anxious to read your comments and will be praying for your friend who is in need. I do read every comment here, even though sometimes it takes me a bit to respond. Your voice is important to me.

How has God used Fierce Women in your life?

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  • Vivian Etherington

    Oops…I posted my comment directly on my Facebook page! But here it is: I think every married woman should read this book! In reading Fierce Women, I was convicted to love my husband better and to respect him in the seeming small things!