Getting in the Gap with God

Has God ever asked you to do something you thought impossible? Pushed you beyond your comfort level? Invited you to step into that sacred gap that lies between your natural abilities and His assignment for you?

I’ve been in the gap (again) this year, in fact I’m starting to think it’s the “new norm” for me! It’s been hard. I’ve never had my faith so stretched, or had to fight so many inner battles.

And it’s been good.

What’s the gap? I’ll let Pastor Crawford Loritts answer that question. His message at revive ’11 hit me right in the face, nailed me to the wall, and finally took me to the floor—in a good way!

Pastor Loritts describes it this way:

“God uses gaps. In other words, the assignment is always greater than what I can bring to the table . . . That uncommon communion means that God is calling for me to enter into the tent of meeting (Ex. 33) and tap His heart for the resources I need to do what He’s called me to do.”

Now, I’m all about communion with God. I love sitting in the “tent of meeting” with Him. You know, that cozy place where you climb up into His lap and soak in one of those delicious comfort Psalms or follow Jesus through a day of healing and preaching. But, that’s not the tent of meeting Pastor Loritts was talking about.

He explained that there is a place of uncommon communion that we experience when we stop resisting, fighting, and pushing against His call . . . when we release control and let go of our own comfortable agendas.

We look our inadequacies in the face, acknowledge we don’t have the ability to fulfill His call, and surrender to an assignment we can’t possibly complete without His power being unleashed on our life.

“I’ve never met a man or woman whom God trusted with His assignments that did not have a great prayer life. Why? Because the very nature of what God’s called you to do, whatever that might be, requires resources that you do not have. You press into Him to get them.” (Pastor Loritts)

What bigger-than-you assignment has God given you? Are you pressing into Him for the resources you need to complete it?


  • Chris

    Kim, I am struggling right now with a calling that the Lord laid on us several years ago. We know we need to be doing more and we can see how to get there, but we’ve built up a wall to completely trust others and even God. We see the wall and we are taking steps to break it down and renew that trust once again. I use every excuse to try to get away from the calling … I’m too old, I don’t have the strength I used to have, not enough resources, blah blah blah … Today in my time with the Lord, He once again used Proverbs 3:5-6. We cannot lean on our own understanding, but in ALL our ways acknowledge Him, and HE will make our paths straight! The gap with God is not always comfortable, but it is so needed to get where He wants us to be. Thank you for your obedience and love for the Lord causing me to stretch in my walk of faith.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Joining you in prayer dear friend. May He continue to direct your steps as you lean fully on Him. I’ll share with you a text a friend sent to me last week as I’ve been crying out to God for clarity:

    “When we don’t have clarity, we have certainty . . . in Christ we win!”

    I’m not even sure where she read that, but it was encouraging, because so often we can only see one step ahead in our walk of faith, one step and no more . . . and as we take that step, He moves His light a little further out on the path for us to see the next step He wants us to take. Praying He continues to fill you with the knowledge of His will for you and the light for today’s step of faith!

    Love you, friend!

  • Vivian Etherington

    An assignment to teach on the Holiness of God! I actually volunteered for that topic, but teaching on any attribute of God is a monumental task–SO beyond any of us in our finiteness ( if that is a word). Another assignment that is beyond me is being a mom of six children. When I am thinking rightly about this assignment from God,which is ongoing, I realize my need to stay in the gap with God, to press in to Him EVERY single morning. Reminds me of a song called ” I Could Not Do Without Thee”. Are you familiar with it?