Blood, Sweat, and Tears!

Did you know you’re given an assignment in Scripture?

Yep, it’s found in Titus 2:3–5.

When I’m given a tough assignment, it always helps if I can grab hold of the reason behind the blood, sweat, and tears. (I really haven’t shed any blood trying to live out Titus 2, but I think you get my point).

Why put in the strain and effort to apply myself to living out this passage? What does it matter? Thankfully, verse 5 supplies us with the answer that provides plenty of motivation!

The “Impotent” Word
Living out the instructions of Titus 2:3–5 is necessary so that the Word of God will not be “blasphemed, maligned, discredited, dishonored, or reviled”—basically that the Word of God will not be viewed as impotent.

Wow! This is our responsibility as True Women. We are to apply the truth of God’s Word to our lives in order that others can see the transforming power of Christ at work.

The most destructive force opposing the power of the gospel is the witness of an “untransformed” life.

Titus 1:16 describes individuals who profess to know God but deny His existence by their actions. As believers, how are our marriages any different from those without Christ? Can the lost world observe your marital relationship and see a visible representation of the love relationship between Christ and His church?

What about how you treat others? What’s your “kindness quotient” on a scale of 1–10? Or how about self-control? Is it an obvious character trait because of the work God is doing in your life?

Titus 1:16 and Titus 2:5 answer the question of “why” we need to be discipling other women. Discipleship fulfills God’s purpose for our lives (Matthew 28:19–20) and His mandate for creation, which is to fill God’s earth with His glory (Numbers 14:21; Psalm 72:19; Habakkuk 2:14).

Dream With Me

  • What would happen if women lived out the instructions found in Titus 2?
  • What would our homes begin to look like?
  • How would our husbands and children respond to that kind of radical transformation?
  • Would they hunger to know God more intimately?
  • Would our men be inspired as they watch the transformational power of the gospel?
  • Would they feel the freedom and confidence to take on the role of spiritual leadership?
  • Could the watching world begin to see a tangible, obvious difference in our families?
  • Could the same power of the gospel begin to affect them?
  • Could revival occur?

Let it be so, Lord God—for Your great Name’s sake and for Your glory alone!


  • J

    After 41 years of marriage, I faced the reality that the man I married never intended on being a husband. I have done everything a wife can possibly do. Last summer I moved into the ‘spare’ bedroom and we are just roommates. In October we will have been together 42 years. Cannot understand why God has not changed his heart and our relationship. It would definitely have brought glory to God if He had, especially in our small community.
    The verses I have clung to for years do not make sense – “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil, to give a future and a hope.”
    Paraphrase – “I will restore the years the locust have eaten.”
    Another paraphrase – “All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord.” I absolutely do not see any good in my staying with him all of these years. I certainly can not share a testimony with other wives of letting God work in their marriage.
    All I can see is I wasted 42 years of my life with this man. He absolutely has no remorse for how he has treated me and/or for his behavior. And having it happen on his ‘death bed’ just doesn’t cut it. There is no glory in that at all. All I know is I am sad, sad, sad.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Dear J,

    I am so very sorry for the depth of your pain. It is obvious you’ve struggled for a very long time. As I read your comment and started praying for you, I was taken back to that season in my own life where I was hopeless, angry, isolated and felt engulfed by the darkness. Horrible place.

    Have you read my book: “Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior”? If you haven’t read it, I would really like to send you a copy and encourage you to have an open heart to prayerfully work through the chapters and ask God to help you apply the practical steps you’ll find in chapters 6–9.

    What I found in my relationship with my husband, was the walls that divided us, were not all his fault. It appeared that way to me for years. But as God began to take me through a humbling process, it became apparent that there were some things I needed to ask my husband’s forgiveness for. It was a long process (at first) of humble, honest, and gracious communication–but through that, God began to dissolve the walls between us and to build an intimate, God-glorifying relationship.

    Sadly, there are times when a man is so cruel and ungodly that he is unaffected by a wife’s love–but that is rare. But no matter where your husband is spiritually, when your identity, security, and love is found in your relationship with Jesus, that will provide you with real joy.

    I don’t know if you’ve read many of the articles here, but I hope you to pull up several of the archived blog posts on marriage. You might start with: “Ready to Give Up?”(use the link below to access it). I hope you’ll also check out the links in that blog post.

    Also, I hope you have a solid church home with some mature believers that can come alongside you in this struggle and speak encouraging truth to both you and your husband.

    I pray that you will find your greatest joy in your relationship with Christ and that one day you will experience the beautiful love relationship with your husband that He desires you to have. He is able to do an Ephesians 3:20 work in your marriage.

    Praying for you ~