Please Stop the World – I Want to Get Off!

Does your home bear any resemblance to the peacefulness that characterizes life under the reign and rule of the King of Glory?

My people will live in a peaceful habitation, and in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places. —Isaiah 32:18

This verse gives a glimpse into the future messianic kingdom.

Sounds nice, huh?

I like peace. Peace is good. A “peaceful habitation” . . . does a picture of your home instantly pop in your mind when you hear that phrase?

Does that describe how my life looks most of the time?

Ummm . . . not quite.

Ephesians 2:14 states that Jesus Christ Himself is our peace.

If this is true, why are so many homes brimming over with stress-filled activity, busy schedules without margins, chaotic bustle, and conflict? Do homes like this give a fair representation of the kingdom of God? Do they provide spiritual refreshment, relaxation, and enjoyment?

Spend a day in the life of Christ, and you’ll notice that He was very busy! His day was filled with ministry opportunities, responsibilities, and obligations. But He was never frazzled. Do you ever see Him scurrying to meet deadlines or impatient with loved ones because of His tightly filled daily planner?

What about us?

Why so stressed?

Could it be that our schedules are in bondage to our daily planners rather than our daily planners being submitted to the One who has ordained our steps for this day (Ps. 37:23)?

Are we taking on more responsibilities and activities than God has in mind for us?

Laziness is certainly not pleasing to God, but could packing our lives full of activities be just as unpleasing?

Where do we find the balance?

It is imperative that we consistently measure our harried schedules against the simplicity that ushers in peace and tranquility—and be willing to take drastic measures to get off the activity merry-go-round.

Gary Thomas addresses this issue in his classic work (and a book I highly recommend), Seeking the Face of God:

“The sin many of us fall into is not that we shake our fists at God and defy Him to His face; that is the sin of unbelievers. Our sin is that we passively rebel against God, filling our lives with so much noise and busyness that God’s voice cannot, or will not, penetrate.”1

Take some time today to honestly evaluate your busyness level. What are some adjectives that would most accurately describe the atmosphere of your home?

How can you simplify your life?

1 Gary Thomas, Seeking The Face of God (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1994), 98.

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  • Leanne

    Beautiful post, Kim! This is so true for so many of us, especially with children! It’s as though we feel like they will be “missing out” if they aren’t involved in every “good” activity whether through church, sports, dance, music, etc, etc. When we push them to attend every activity, I feel as though we are training them to form a life pattern of busyness and thus disabling them from being able to settle down and hear the still small voice of the Lord. A friend and I were just talking about this today, and I am so thankful that my husband encourages us to stay home and have minimal obligations. Doing this truly does usher God’s peace and presence into our everyday routine and makes for a much happier and productive environment! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom!!