Have You Ever Been a Little Boy-Crazy?

You are in for a treat this week! I’ve invited my good friend, Paula Hendricks, to pull up a chair and share some of her story with us. You’ll love hearing her heart. I’ve known Paula since she was (just a kid) fresh out of college and I’ve loved watching God grow her into a beautiful woman with a strong love for Jesus.

Paula graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in 2005 with a degree in Print Communication. Two weeks later, she began working at Revive Our Hearts, where she currently serves as Writing and Editorial Manager. Her first book, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom, released September 2013. When she’s not blogging, you’ll find her hanging out with people indulging her insatiable curiosity by asking lots of questions.

That’s one of the things I love most about her. She’s a learner. She has a teachable heart. She also has a vibrant passion for Jesus and that’s why I’m sharing her with you this week! I’m also going to give away a free copy of her new book every day this week!! So tell all your friends to join in on the fun. It’s like a big party with prizes!

Here’s what a few friends are saying about Paula’s book:

What a joy it has been to watch Paula on her “journey from neediness to freedom.” The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Her reflections on that journey are honest, engaging, refreshing, and insightful. In this book, young women will find Paula to be a relatable, caring, wise friend. She will make you laugh; she will make you cry; she will make you think. And she will point you to the only true Satisfaction for a heart that longs to be chosen and cherished. (Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author; Revive Our Hearts radio host)

Love the boy. Hate the boy. Long for the boy. Wait for the boy. If you want off the roller coaster ride of romance, this book is your ticket. In a style that feels like a great conversation with a good friend, Paula gives us front row seats to her up and down ride on the roller coaster of love and then teaches us that there is a better way. You will be encouraged, inspired, and entertained by her story and ultimately you’ll find the surprising secret to the lasting Love you’re looking for. (Erin Davis, author of the One Girl series)

Here is warm, wise, and clear headed counsel from someone who has dug past the surface and has identified the root cause of boy-craziness.  Paula knows firsthand about the “expulsive power of a new affection.”  Take the quiz in the first chapter and see if this book is for you or for someone you know. (Bob Lepine, cohost, FamilyLife Today)

And this is my endorsement:

Paula Hendricks has charged right into the heads and hearts of most females with her Confessions. I wish I could’ve read this book as a young teen; it addresses so many common temptations and provides gospel-centered help.

With refreshing transparency, Paula invites the reader into her struggles with image, beauty, insecurity, lust, and of course-guys! Paula comes alongside the reader as a friend and opens her heart to tell her story. She doesn’t run from the tough questions, but uses Scripture to grapple with the heart issues. If you’re a teen, you need this book. If you’re a parent or you have input into young women’s lives, you need this book. May the life lessons Paula shares here impact the next generation for God’s glory!

You may not be boy-crazy, but you probably know a young woman who is. You need to pass this book on to her!

Leave a comment below and one of you will be chosen to receive a copy of Paula’s book: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to Freedom


  • Donita Stanage

    As the mother of three teenage daughters, I think this book would be something that would speak to us.

  • Jane

    I have been blessed with “many” girls to raise. This looks like a good book to supplement their training!

  • Caroline

    Been there. God graciously freed me from boy craziness and saved me from its consequences before they became too severe. I recall that the process of becoming boy crazy was so easy and quick, which is why I want to read Paula’s book: to fully understand the danger of boy craziness, proactively combat boy craziness, recognize the signs of boy craziness as early as possible and learn how to effectively begin the process to freedom. I pray that God will bless me with a daughter someday and, yes, I want to prepare this much in advance to help her avoid the trap of boy craziness. I suspect it will only become more potent and insidious given our culture’s growing tendency to encourage it and play down its consequences.

  • Robyne

    Oh heavens! I hate that I can so identify with this- and at 40 years of age no less! I have recently lost my husband and am finding myself unexpectedly thrown back into the world of singleness and reliving feelings that I thought resided only in my past of ‘longing for the boy’ and I am hating every minute of it! I desire only what the Lord’s plan is for my life, and if that does or does not include another relationship somewhere down the line… I long to NOT have my thoughts dominated by the possibility of a relationship, or be defined by what another… specifically a man thinks of me. I am struggling with it though, and know that this is something the Lord desires to work out in me- part of the transformation and refining process I am going through in the is new season of my life. I would welcome the insights and thoughts offered in this book of someone else’s journey here.

  • Cheryl Boettcher

    I would love to get this for my niece! I have boys and no girls in my family. So sharing things with her are important to me because as I grew up I did not have the information available to me that is out there now for a young women of God. She has a beautiful heart!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Good Morning, Friends ~

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    Robyne, you’ve won Monday’s contest! The Site Administrator will be in contact with you soon to get your mailing information to send you a gift copy of “Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl.”

    Blessings ~