Skulls… Really?

One of my closest friends was in a hurry while she was shopping and grabbed the best bargain-priced top she could find. While she was standing in line waiting to check out, her teen-aged grandson looked at the blouse, then at her, and said, “Skulls, Mamaw? Really?”

She looked down at the top. Without her glasses, her over-forty eyesight thought the tiny white blobs on the peach print were little flowers. She pulled her readers out of her purse to see tiny sculls all over the blouse she was about to buy. I’ve had quite a few chuckles every time I think about this story because I can relate to it in so many ways . . . the hurried-shopping-merchandise-grab, the blind-without-readers-challenge, but her grandson’s reaction is what I most resonate with: Skulls . . . Really?

That’s my question today for you . . . can someone please explain to me why we are celebrating death with our apparel, with our music, with our art?

Skulls . . . really? 

I’m not trying to be “legalistic” or picky, or a cranky out-of-touch old lady . . . really, I’m not. I am sincerely asking for insight and wondering if someone can help me out with some confusion I’m having. Can anyone explain to me how symbols of death, dark, gothic-type apparel and the blood-sucking-vampire craze coincides with new life?

I see it everywhere: sculls on baby clothes, bones and blood on toddler accessories, death and mayhem on every toy aisle. We are a culture that’s enamored with death; celebrating it, supporting it, and wearing it.

I understand why the culture embraces and supports death . . . because death is the “Mode of Operation” for the prince of this world:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy . . .” (John 10:10)

I understand why Christ-rejecters would be drawn to the darkness:

“This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.” (John 3:19)

But what I don’t understand is why those who claim to be followers of Jesus, Who is “the way, the truth, and the life,” the One who came to give us eternal and abundant life . . . why would anyone who follows the Life-giver be drawn to anything resembling darkness or death?

Skulls . . . really?

Vampires . . . really?

Fascination with death . . . really?


  • Paula

    I have the same questions & it makes me sad! I recently made a status update on my fb account about being amazed & really kinda sad at how many “Christians” celebrate halloween. I think there is such a fascination w/ the dark side & supernatural because for so long we as Christians have allowed ourselves to justify & accept that its okay to have such things & do things as long as I know the difference. We don’t display the power of Christ in our lives by mingling it w/ the world and doing the same things people in the world would do. We no longer set ourselves apart & if we do, we judge others for not doing the same as we do. Or if we really don’t judge & truly show love we are being judged. We don’t walk in power, love, & a sound mind or display the power of Christ in our own lives. It’s the complacency of us as Christians that desensitizes us to the things of this world. It’s my prayer that I truly display the love of Christ in such a fashion that people are drawn to Him. My prayer especially lately has been “Help, Lord!”
    Thank you for taking a stand and putting yourself, your beliefs, and everything else out there. It’s posts like this that opens my heart to look deeper w/in myself.
    Much love & prayers, friend!

  • Katie Edmiston

    Thank you for your recent Halloween posts. They have caused me to examine my heart and reconsider my beliefs in celebrating the holiday. Ive always steered clear of the scary horror part of it, as I can see the obvious influence of demonic activity. But I have fond memories of trick or treating as a child; dressing up in my princess outfit and gathering loads of candy. For me as a kid it really was all about the candy. Now that Im a parent I feel the need to shelter my kids from the scary side of it. But im torn, because I still dont see the harm in letting my 3 year old dress up in her fairy costume and go trick or treating. Trust me, while my children are still under our roof they will not be allowed to go to any Horror Night themed events. And will be encouraged to participate in our church’s fall festival and community outreach gatherings during and around the 31st.
    And the reminder of it also being Reformation Day, gives me excitement on how we can redirect the holiday to a more positive joyful celebration. My husband and I, before having children, have made it a tradition to watch the movie Luther every year, and plan on continuing the tradition as our kids get older.
    Thank You again for your insight and giving me reason to examine my heart.
    In His Grip

  • sarah de alfaro

    Yes. So very true. My 5 year old begs me to let her keep a Monster High doll she got for her birthday from a friend. She can’t understand why some of her little friends from church have dolls like that and I won’t let her keep them. We live in hard times.

  • Tambra Lucas

    Oh dear sister, I do not understand the people that claim to be born again Christians that would want to have anything to do with something that is so demonic. I also in my childhood days celebrated Halloween and thought is was a fun thing. I even used to watch scary movies. But since I have surrendered my life to the Lord, have come to know Him , have come to adore His Word and have fallen so in love with my Savior, I cannot even stand to dabble or get close to anything that represents darkness, It absolutely sickens me to watch , I just cannot stomach it. We as believers should be concerned if these things do not bother us. I am now so convicted to even compromise in any way with a celebrated holiday that glorifies death and darkness. So grieves my spirit also to see Christians go along with the rest of the world, and glorify this holiday. As for Me and my family we choose to stay away from it and do not celebrate or participate in this holiday in any form. We pray for the light of the world to reign in a world of darkness. And If I were to wear sculls it would surely be because I can’t see what it is I am buying, you know what I mean 🙂

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Katie ~

    I’m so glad if you found these posts helpful. I’m still learning and growing, but one thing I’ve found is that we need to be informed in order to make the best decisions for our children . . . and then be consistent in the stands we take and the way we lead them. It is obvious that you have a teachable heart — that will serve you well as you continue to grow in Christ!

    Blessings, friend ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Sarah ~

    Interesting that you should mention that particular type of doll. I just came across this toy line and am actually planning to do a blog post on these type of toys and the emphasis on the occult that our children are receiving from the culture.

    I am thankful, that as the day grows darker, our Lord’s return grows closer!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Dearest Tambra ~

    No one could ever accuse you of sitting on the fence when it comes to issues of holiness and living all out for God’s glory!! 🙂

    I love you dear friend ~