Mushiness Coming Your Way!

Okay, if you don’t like a romantic story, just tune out this blog post (or read one of last week’s posts!). Because today is intentionally mushy. By mushy, I mean, I’m going to tell you about my very first Valentine’s Day with the love of my life.

The day was major mushy—in a good way! 

This month, I’m going to focus on relationships, marriage, and what true love actually is. So, to start us off, I thought I’d throw in some “mushiness!”

Want to hear about my favorite Valentine’s Day ever?

My husband and I met while I was a sophomore in college. We were engaged in December and we didn’t even know one another the previous Valentine’s Day. So, when our first “sweetheart holiday” rolled around, he made plans to impress! (By the way, he tells people that he used up all his romance in one shot. Don’t think every February 14th is like the first one!)

Our first Valentine’s Day didn’t start out with celebrating it on February 14th, no, he began the mushiness on the first day of the month! On February 1st, he sent me a letter dripping with love. His love note came attached to the ribbon on the neck of a puffy white stuffed teddy bear. (I still have the bear!)

I was surprised to get something from him that early, but even more surprised when I found another note and little gift he left for me the next day, and the next, and the next! From the first day of the month, he had a special surprise every single day leading up to Valentine’s Day!

Talk about spoiled, he was really going all out for me and I was eating up that kind of special treatment!    

By the time almost two weeks had passed, I couldn’t imagine what he would do as a finale, but he told me to plan on spending the entire day with him on the fourteenth. One thing that meant so much to me was that he planned the entire adventure all on his own.

We were both students at a Christian university that had conservative standards and requirements. One of those requirements was that women had to be in their dorm rooms (where men were not allowed, by the way) by midnight on the weekends. My precious fiancé had plans for our special day that required him going to my “Dorm Mom” (without me being aware of it) and getting special permission to bring me home after hours. He knew we might not make it back in time for curfew, and he didn’t want me being hit with some kind of penalty.

That year, Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday and the only clue I had about the day, was that he would be picking me up at my dorm by 6:30 a.m. Talk about early for a couple of college students! I couldn’t imagine what he had in mind.

He pulled up in the parking lot of my dorm before the sun was even up! I still remember sitting in his car in the pre-dawn light and him handing me a small wrapped box. It was a delicate gold wrist watch (in pre-cell phone days, we used to wear those things on our wrists to keep up with the time). Then we took off on the open road!

He took me on a Deep-South tour! 

We drove about four hours south and visited three different antebellum homes. It was a gorgeous day, a little chilly, but the sunshine was blazing. We spent time walking around the southern plantations and reading all of the markers. We both love history, so it was a special day sharing a common interest and enjoying new experiences.

My brother was an engineering student at Louisiana Tech at that time, and we even managed to meet up with him and my future sister-in-law for a quick visit. We came in well after midnight, but my dorm mom was tickled to help us make it happen and so glad that she got to be in on the event. (She was in her late seventies, never married, and quite the romantic at heart!)

That day will go down in history for me as one of my favorites. 

Maybe you’ve never had a man show you that kind of special treatment. I’ll let you in on another little secret . . . that was the most “mushiness” my man ever showed me. My emotions came crashing down the next year when he barely remembered the day. He set himself a really high standard and I had huge expectations. Can you relate?

Now that we’ve spent almost 34 Valentine’s Days together . . . I’ve learned a few things. I’ll be sharing some thoughts on that tomorrow.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day memories?

Is your husband a romantic or does he struggle with mushiness?

How do you handle disappointment during the “sweetheart month?”