How a Fierce Woman Loves Well

I’ve been talking about love this month and sharing how the love we see promoted today falls far short of the beautiful love God invites us to experience. A fierce woman can be selfish, self-centered, and intimidating, but when she encounters God’s grace and transforming power, the fierce woman can love well.

If you’ve seen our marriage video, you know we struggled for several years before understanding how to live out true love in our marriage. I’m so thankful God is gracious. He knew my heart. He knew I loved Him and I loved my husband, but with a young and naïve type of love that stopped short when it came to the hard choices of true love in marriage. In mercy, He opened my eyes to what true love is and how far from that I was.

When I was festering with self-centered garbage and intense pain, He didn’t leave me wallowing in the mess I’d made. He rescued me from myself.

What about you?

Is He opening your eyes to anything you need to see?

Maybe you’re a fierce woman who doesn’t know where to begin, you feel like you’ve failed too many times and you just want to give up. Let me invite you to cry out for help. Ask the Spirit to open your eyes to your need, and ask the Father for grace to apply the truth of His Word.

The Fierce Woman Loves Well When:

♥ She travels the road of humility and opens the doorway to grace

♥ She embraces the call to follow Christ knowing it requires a painful release—death to self

♥ She lays down her life by plunging into the love of Christ

♥ She steps into the river of love and becomes a reciprocal stream of receiving and giving love

♥ She loves God and others with the abandon of the fierce but soft warrior who knows no retreat

God delights in answering our cry, when we humbly confess our need to be changed by His power, and ask Him for grace to live out the truth of His Word.

What are you asking Him to do in your life today that you might be the fierce woman who loves well?


  • Jean

    I’ve seen my disobedience in being a “fierce” woman and tried so many times to change to save my marriage. I failed each time. Recently, I realized I had been trying to do it on my own and not realizing that it was my sin that kept me from following through. I’ve started surrendering to God and feel that I’ve finally started this process in a way that I can succeed. Its so hard to die to self, especially in a hard marriage. I am going to start reading your book soon. Thank you!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Jean ~

    Thank you for your open and transparent sharing. I am so sorry for the difficult place you are in right now. Praying that God will fill you with hope for what He can do and that you will cry out for His grace each time you are tempted to cave to sin’s temptation.

    Did you read the post “Desperate for Change?” (posting that link below) I think you might find some things helpful in that post, also, have you done the “Top Ten” series with us? You can find that series by clicking on the words “Top Ten” in the “Tags” cloud, but I will also put that link below.

    Please leave a comment while you’re reading the book and let us know what God is showing you. I love getting in on what God is doing in the lives of women who are reading this blog!

    Blessings, friend ~