The Warrior in our Midst

As I write this post I’m heading home from the “North country.” I loved the snow, the beautiful women I met, and the precious times of corporate worship. It’s been a sweet beginning to the spring speaking season. Thank you for your prayers, I was aware that intercession was happening!

As I’m crossing the miles, I’m thinking about women I’ve met from South Carolina to Ohio, and even Michigan, and I’m praying God continues wooing them to a more intimate walk with Him.

I met young moms who confessed to me their frustrations with their season, who shared how difficult it is to be in the trenches and how easy it is to forget your way. I met older moms who are grieving for children who’ve left the faith, who’ve rejected truth, who’ve turned a deaf ear to their pleas. I visited a bit with a single young woman who is planning to apply what I shared about the dynamics of the “Fierce Woman/Fearful Man” destructive cycle in her job as it relates to male co-workers. I prayed with one precious young woman who is trusting God to restore her marriage even though there is little progress to be seen right now.

The faces of women who hungrily received the Word are embedded in my heart. I will retain the memory of one woman in particular who wept through much of the conference last weekend. I’ll also remember the friend who moved to her side to minister to her during the Saturday morning session.

Everywhere I went, I met women who are broken and needy.

We are all needy to some extent, but those who recognize their need and look to the Savior for their rescue are the ones He rides out to meet with salvation:

[box]The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zeph. 3:17)[/box]

What a promise!

I think sometimes we can be so overwhelmed by our need, by the pain, by the destructive elements at work in our lives that we forget He is our “Mighty One.” Another translation describes Him as our victorious warrior. He is willing, ready, and completely prepared to provide our rescue. All too often, however, we neglect to notice that He is in our midst and we try to “rescue ourselves” through our best efforts at behavior modification or we attempt to “fix” people in our lives through manipulation or control tactics.

My prayer for you this morning, dear reader, is that you will recognize this mighty and victorious warrior in your midst. He longs to be your rescuer. 

If you are the young mom today, frazzled, weary, and frustrated by the lack of victory over your emotional outbursts with your little ones . . . cry out to your Warrior today. Ask Him to ride in to your rescue. Ask Him to save you from your anger, your frustration, and your impatience. Ask Him to deepen your love for Him first, but also to deepen your love for your little ones and to capture the vision for the sacred calling He’s given you to nurture them. Ask Him to fill you with His heart of compassion for those He’s entrusted to your care.

Cry out to the One who is waiting for your call!

If you are the older mom who is weeping and hopeless for the daughter she’s lost, or for the son who has turned His back on your Savior, cry out to your mighty Warrior. Ask Him to deliver those children from destruction, look to Him for help, don’t carry this burden yourself. Ask Him to give you insight into effectual intercession for your family. Ask Him to surround your children with tangible evidences of His grace and reality. Call on your Mighty Warrior to capture their hearts and join Him in the battle for their souls.

Follow the Mighty Warrior’s lead in spiritual battle!

If you are the woman who has lost hope for the future, you’re lonely and depressed, and you’ve lost your sense of purpose, cry out. Cry out to the One who created you for the purpose of bearing His image and bringing Him glory. Ask Him to open your eyes to the great need around you and the specific ways He desires for you to fill the earth with His glory. Cry out to Him for a greater burden for the lost and suffering. Ask Him to confirm the gifts He’s given you and to allow you to be fruitful in using those gifts for His great name’s sake.

Lay yourself on the altar for His use today!

What is your cry today?


  • Laurel

    Praying also for the women who minister to women in the wake of your Ohio meetings…

    My sweet friend and I clean house weekly for another friend of ours who is battling Stage 4 Cancer. As we talked and worked on Monday, I revealed a current hurt in the area of my marriage. Immediately my friends were “up in arms,” rushing to shore up what Satan was tearing down in my relationship with my husband. Almost miraculously, that afternoon my husband reversed the silent treatment I had been receiving by favoring me with a welcoming and kind spirit.

    I texted my BFFs to let them know how their prayers helped!

    Today, my husband shared that last Tuesday he was strongly convicted to lead our family in daily prayer. This habit ended LONG ago when the our sons (now 21 and 20) changed bedrooms and our daughters (now 18 and 16) moved from the toddler bed/crib to the twin bed/toddler bed! The sudden absence of family devotional time has been big deal frustrations for me, and has lasted more than a decade.

    Tonight at 9:30 PM, as scheduled, we shut off every electronic device, gathered in the living room and began what, I hope, is a new phase of family life–a phase set in motion by God’s love toward this softening warrior!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Oh, Laurel, what a beautiful testimony!

    Thank you so much for sharing how God is working. Your testimony will be a powerful source of inspiration for other readers. May the number of friends who rush to speak truth, and the number of husbands who pick up the mantle of spiritual leadership in the home, be increased by the billions in our world!

    I’m praying that your husband will persevere consistently with this commitment even through seasons of difficulty and unforeseen obstacles! Also praying you are able to encourage his efforts and support him in a way that fuels that perseverance. You are sowing an eternal investment through this simple commitment.

    Such an encouraging start to my day, thank you!