What is God Teaching You?

“What is God teaching you right now?” Her question didn’t surprise me or catch me off guard. I love my friend’s heart. She is always hungry to hear how God is at work; always eager to learn and grow, always wanting to have life-giving conversations that center on Jesus.

Today, though, she had a touch of weariness in her voice, her question seemed almost filled with desperation.

I’m glad I have a friend who knows me well enough to ask that question. She doesn’t fear putting me on the spot . . . isn’t intimidated by the thought that I might turn the question around negatively on her . . . knows me well enough to know that I welcome her question.

That question has been the opener of many rich conversations with her through the years. 

But today, her voice was heavy with emotion. Her sound of desperation came from a dry and thirsty heart. My precious friend is walking through one of those “unchosen” seasons of life. Not that God has abandoned her. Not that she’s out of God’s will for her life. What I mean by an “unchosen” season is:

This isn’t how she would’ve written her story. 

Her days are hard. The hours long. The quiet moments quite rare. The opportunities she once had to sit and soak in the Word, and intercede in prayer for long spans of time, are now but distant memories. She needed to hear from a sister today, one who would share a cool sip of water with her.

I didn’t have to hunt for an answer. God is always at work (whether we notice or acknowledge it). He desires to teach us, to answer our questions, to grow us up to look like Christ. But I think it is important to be pressing in close to Him, to learn the specific lessons He has for us in our particular season.

God has been teaching me this year lessons on accepting His invitation of intimacy, about “climbing into His yoke” and about “resting in Him.” I shared some of that with her and prayed that it would somehow bring a measure of refreshment to her weary heart.

I’ve found that “His rest” is available to me, no matter how chaotic my life becomes, no matter the storms I face, or how full my plate. His grace provides His abiding rest in every situation. I don’t always appropriate that grace, but when I do . . . His place of “sweet rest” floods my life!

We ended our conversation with some sweet moments of prayer, enjoying the refreshment that comes when we “bear one another’s burdens” and go to the throne together. We were taking advantage of “resting” in Christ in the midst of our hectic schedules.

Do you have someone you can call today and ask them “What is God teaching you?”

Can I hear from you today?

What is God teaching you?