My Daily Passion

Yesterday, I invited you to join God’s sacred mission: filling the earth with His glory. Glorifying God should be our daily passion. I realize those words may sound trite or surreal. Let me explain what I mean by that, and how God works this out in an ordinary woman’s life.

Before I Open My Eyes In the Morning

For me, filling the earth with His glory starts before I even open my eyes in the morning. It begins by acknowledging my need for Him to fuel and flood me with His Spirit. I surrender my day to Him, asking Him to direct my every moment. I pour truth into my heart and mind as I prepare to enter the day’s activities.

I have to.

I need His truth to direct me and hold me accountable through the day. I hold an on-going conversation with Him because I love communicating with Him, but also to protect my heart and mind from wandering too far off-track.

My days look very different now than they did when I had little ones. (In those years, I counted it a huge accomplishment if I was able to get dressed by noon!) Every season comes with different challenges and responsibilities, but the mission remains the same. A woman’s mission is to glorify God in the ordinary course of her day.

A Typical Day

My typical day can include playing “peek-a-boo” with my granddaughter, spending time counseling a friend, catching up on email, and grabbing time to write a blog post. I’ll often take a pot of chicken-and-dumplings to a friend who’s recovering from surgery or has just delivered a newborn. I might have time to curl up on the couch to read a new book by Piper (or an old one by Tozer) before cooking dinner. Or perhaps it’s a day when our church is holding a service in a local prison, and we’ll be grabbing something to eat on the run.

It Often Includes . . .

My days often include asking forgiveness, confessing I’ve blown it again, and starting over. I don’t have big plans or too many stressful deadlines (been there–and thankful this is a slower season!) but I still have the same mission. Wherever I go, whoever I talk to, whatever I do–if I let the peace of Christ rule my heart and the love of Christ flow through me, others will see a reflection of Him.

And that’s filling the earth with God’s glory.

Whether I’m visiting with a total stranger on the mall parking lot, or holding the hand of a loved one who is taking their final breath, I want to speak His truth and demonstrate His grace. I seek to share the joy of abiding in His presence through my smiles, laughter, hugs, and service. I ask that my life will be yielded to His plan for my day, and that others will see He is worthy of all devotion.

That’s my mission: glorifying Him.

John Piper put it beautifully when he said:

“The ultimate goal of life is that God be displayed as glorious . . . the way we glorify Him is by knowing Him truly, by treasuring Him above all things, and by living in a way that shows He is our supreme treasure.”

Will you join me?

How will you glorify Him today?

Adapted from my True Woman post:11.01.11


  • Kathy

    So beautiful!! Yes, that is my desire to glorify the Lord in the everyday things of my life. I long to have that kind of relationship with the Lord; that others might see Jesus living His life out through me. I struggle with this—I have committed myself to spending time everyday with the Lord, but to my shame Satan has been really fighting me on this one. I am finding that I wait until the end of the day to spend my one on one time in prayer with the Lord. It’s not good for me for many reasons, but especially because I am then too tired. I desperately need to change this!! I study God’s word everyday, but if the ongoing relationship isn’t there through out the day I lose my focus and I can’t really glorify the Lord, can I?. Thank you for your encouragement. I read your blog most days and the Lord has been speaking to me through them—He is getting through and I am so thankful He doesn’t give up on me!!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Kathy ~

    I am SO glad He doesn’t give up on us . . . in fact Psalm 103 tells us that He remembers we are weak because we’re only made of flesh.

    Thank you for your kind words, I’m so thankful God gives you some encouragement here!