My Everyday Battle

Focusing on sin isn’t what we’re typically hoping for when we want a comforting morning devotional. And if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably not practicing an obvious lifestyle of sin. But sin is something each of us battle with everyday—or should be battling with. 

Sin’s greatest weapon is to blind us to the fact that we are actually sinning.

The nature of sin is to convince you to live for yourself today and ignore the thoughts of future consequences. It can be as seemingly small as overeating or as criminal as stealing from your employer. Sin’s perspective is self-focused: personal gratification-above-all-else with complete selfishness at its core.

Sin can display itself through horrific moral debauchery or through pious self-righteousness. But both sinful responses come from the same source: the pride of man. And that’s why sin is so challenging, our pride keeps surfacing. Recognizing my own sinful ugliness is painful—and it requires some hard choices.

The problem is, it’s easy for me to be blind to my pride, and I can easily slip into a pattern of sin without realizing it. That’s why I must continually be renewing my mind with God’s Word, because His Word can bring a sledgehammer to my pride.

God’s Word can turn my perverted self-focus into a true God-centered perspective.

But I must come to God’s Word with a trembling heart, willing to receive the hard truths that may hit my pride smack dab in the face!

If I come to the Scriptures as an expert, if my heart is hardened, ears and eyes closed to my own need . . . I will not tremble.

And I will not be changed.

I must come as a child. As a needy child, I must humbly come to feed on the Word and allow it to not only nourish me, but expose me. I must come with an eager willingness to be instructed and rebuked. I must come trembling at His Word.

If I want to battle my sinful pride, I must pick up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, and apply it to my pride moment by moment. 

When I want to push my agenda but meekness calls for waiting, when I want to speak but it is the time to remain silent, when I want to indulge my flesh but holiness calls for restraint—I need the Word of God to slice into my pride and win the battle for me.

Father, I desperately need the grinding of grace that Your Word brings as it refines me, as it uncovers and brings to light the dark grip of sin, as it leads me to walk in a clear and stable path; the steps you’ve ordered for me before the foundation of the earth.

Win the battle for me today through the power of Your Spirit by applying the truth of Your Word to my heart!