God is Looking for One

Last week I poured out my heart to you with my burden for God to bring revival.

I define “revival” as:

God’s presence powerfully working in the lives of His people in such a way that it gives compelling evidence to the gospel and a glimpse of who God truly is. 

When God chooses to move in such a way that whole communities of people are gripped by their sin, and respond in massive and radical repentance, that can be considered “a Spirit-inspired revival.”

Our nation deserves God’s judgment for mocking Him, but I’m asking for His mercy; for God’s refining presence to pour over us, purify us, and revive us.

A friend shared this short video clip with me last week and it really expresses my heart cry. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch it. If your heart is gripped by this same passion for revival, will you pause for a few more minutes to join me in crying out to God?

Will you cry out for Him to “rend the heavens and come down?”

Our only hope is God moving in our lives. Our only hope is for His transforming power to display the gospel through us to a world that awaits judgment.

Have mercy, O holy God, have mercy, and come down to revive us for your glory!