Does My Gender Matter?

Does gender matter when it comes to glorifying God?

Are we created, as women, to uniquely glorify God through our womanhood?

Does our gender matter?

I think it does. God is never random; His plans are always filled with purpose. When God stated his plan to create the first woman, He used a description for us that is beautiful in the Hebrew (but sounds pretty lame when it’s converted into English).

[box]Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18)[/box]

Both men and women are created with equal worth and value, given equal access to God, and the mission of glorifying Him.

But when God created woman, He designed a woman to serve others as a . . . “helper?” 

Just seeing that word on paper: “helper” always looked so inferior to me.  It looked pathetic. When I first learned that women were created to be a “helper” I thought, “Oh, great. We aren’t good enough to actually be doing something really important—we just get to ‘help out.’”

My perspective completely changed when I found out that the Hebrew word “helper” is not a wimpy word. That’s when I realized that being a “helper” was not an insignificant assignment but one of eternal consequence. God didn’t create woman to fill a “no big deal” role.

The Hebrew transliteration for “helper suitable” is “ezer kenegdo.” Think of kenedgo as “an essential counterpart.” We play an essential role as women and we do that by reflecting the “ezer” nature of God.

“Ezer” is the same word used in reference to God as a “helper” to His people.

An ezer is someone who is “for you” an ally, someone who comes alongside to nurture and bring strength. It is being an iron-sharpening friend. An ezer is a life-giver.

A woman’s design as an “essential strengthening counterpart” is not exclusive to married women. It is not a “role” but it is actually how we’re wired. We’re designed by God to come alongside others and nurture them.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you go to have coffee with that young mom who is about to throw in the towel on mothering and you share some practical counsel and encouraging words that fortify her to press on.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you pause to listen for a bit and pray with the teen who sits sullenly on the back pew of your church.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you come alongside your husband after he’s had a challenging day on the job and let him know how much you appreciate him.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you encourage a friend to take some hard steps of discipleship.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you share the gospel with your coworker.

♥ You are being an “ezer” when you die to self to “give life” to others.

How is God asking you to glorify Himself by being an “ezer” today?


  • pamela lombardi

    this was very encouraging. thank you. a dear friend told me before I remarried, that in realty I would be the one who will be taking care of my husband. how true that has been.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Pamela ~

    I’m thankful the Father used it to encourage you! May you be refreshed by the presence of Christ as you serve as an Ezer in your husband’s life!

    Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)