• Sarai

    I love your page and like a feel with Revive our hearts, I found another great treasure with you. Thank you for all you have from God to teach us. I feel like I have been that fierce woman and I was using that to dishonor God with a strong will and always doind my way which led me to the wrong path. By God’s grace I can be a different woman a woman of God.
    Thank Too for being a blessing to my life and give me hope through JESUSCHRIST

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Sarai!

    So glad you found the website, I hope you’ll stay connected here. May God use your fierceness to bring Him great glory. It all comes down to whether we are surrendered to His control, by grace applying the truth of the Word to our lives, and through Him loving others as He has loved us.

    Stay in touch, friend ~