Social Media for the Glory of God!

With so many media options for connecting with others, it’s helpful to put some thought into how we choose to spend our “media minutes.” For a few years I resisted joining Facebook. I was tempted to keep up with friends and family that way, but feared it would become another “time grabber” in my life—and I already have plenty of those!

First I joined Twitter as a way to keep up with friends, but I’ve also enjoyed soaking up wisdom and encouragement through “tweets” from godly men and women. I also use it to occasionally post a thought I glean from my personal devotional time or a link to a blog post here.

I don’t have “tweets” delivered to my phone or email so I’m not continually being interrupted through the day, and I limit the time I spend on Twitter. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone, so that is helpful in protecting me from constant distractions.

If the apostle Paul could’ve set up a Facebook or Twitter account, I think he probably would’ve applied this admonition to his social networking activities:

[box]“Whether you eat or drink (or Twitter, or Facebook, or blog), or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31).[/box]

Let’s take that principle and flesh it out with these ten questions:

  1. What is my primary motive for communicating through social media?
  2. How much daily time do I devote to this activity?
  3. Have I developed any online relationships that I’ve kept secret from my spouse or others?
  4. Do I go online before I’ve spent time soaking in the Word and in worship?
  5. Does my Internet browsing lead me to places where I’m spiritually encouraged, motivated to grow, and encouraged to share the gospel?
  6. Do my social networking activities lead me to gossip, pride, lust, or coveting?
  7. Is my time online harming or benefitting others?
  8. Do my relationships or responsibilities suffer because of my time spent online?
  9. Do I view social networking as an opportunity to spread the gospel?
  10. Do I love Jesus more than my social network connections?

I’d love to hear from you . . . How do you use social media to the glory of God?

PS: I’d love for you to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter (if you have the freedom after working through these ten questions)!