Grace Hoarder

It may have started with my fascination over the vast assortment of boxes my father had neatly sorted and stacked in the loft of his workshop. When I was little and went into his shop, towering above me were walls of cardboard—rectangles, squares, cylinders, even star-shaped, small, medium and large—boxes saved for some future project, or for the possibility of it being the exact size needed for storage of an article, or saved in case it was needed for mailing. My dad grew up in the depression era and he learned that nothing useful should ever be discarded.

Today, my dad would be termed a “hoarder.”

Apparently, I must’ve picked up his frugality (trying to put a positive spin on my hoarding issue). It’s difficult for me to trash things that have the possibility of recycled usefulness . . . so I store them. The problem is—I have little storage capacity. Recently, I’ve been struggling through the challenging task of de-cluttering and disbursing my “junk.”

Frustrated with my “hoarding tendencies” I shot out this text to one of my friends:

“Trying to clean the house a bit before the plumbers come to do some repair work in the morning. Need to confess: I may be a hoarder!! big sigh . . . I mean, how many glass flower vases should you really stash under the kitchen sink to save for later . . . Really?”

My friend shot back a text “But at least you’re not a hoarder of God’s grace!!”

A hoarder of God’s grace. I haven’t put those two together before . . . she got me thinking . . . we really can be “hoarders of His grace.” And I think that tendency may be more prevalent in the Church than being junk hoarders.

Want to see where you are on this? Let’s do a “Grace Hoarder” evaluation together and see where our hearts are on this issue:

❤ Do you have difficulty understanding the purpose of the cross? (Check out Romans 3:23–26)

❤ Do you remember where you came from and appreciate the grace you’ve been shown? (Check out Titus 3:1–6)

❤ Do you recognize your need to receive God’s grace, not just for salvation, but for daily living? (Check out Ephesians 2:4–10)

❤ Are you quick to express grace when a fellow-believer confesses sin or do you take on a superior attitude with them? (Check out Romans 12:3)

❤ When you are hurt by someone’s actions, do you release that pain to God, or do you believe they “owe” you and therefore try to “punish” them? (Check out Romans 12:14–21)

❤ Do you try to control the situations around you or humble yourself and ask for God’s grace to be applied to difficulties? (Check out 1 Peter 5:5–7)

❤ Am I “checking the box” of good works rather than depending on and applying the grace of God that produces the fruit of the Spirit? (Check out Galatians 2:20–21)

How did you do?

Are you hoarding the grace you’ve been shown or are you freely sharing that grace with others?

How will you dispense God’s grace today?

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  • Liz McConnell

    Thanks Kimberly for making me consider this concept of ‘Grace Hoarding’. Great questions to ask myself and help me show more grace to others! Liz

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Liz!

    Thanks for stopping by to leave such an encouraging comment. I hope you’ll stay connected here and let me know how God is at work in your life.

    Blessings, friend ~