I Am NO Savior!

A friend’s flight is delayed in Dallas. Six hours away. She’ll be left to spend the night in the airport alone. My immediate impulse is to run and retrieve her. To step in and rescue.

Look at me trying to step in and be the “savior” again. Why do I do that so quickly?

Why am I so sure I’m the one who can fix, heal, repair, console, inspire, assure, encourage?


I’d like to think it comes from the tendencies of a mother’s heart, and I think that is definitely part of it. God designed women to be nurturers, life-givers, and “helpers” (please don’t let that idea throw you, if it did, click on the links I embedded).

We are called to disciple others, and that is a role where we “serve” others by helping them to go beyond where they are now in their walk with God and partnering with them so they can thrive spiritually.

We “serve” others by helping to supply a true physical need or by assisting them in learning how to supply that need for themselves.

So “helping” is not the problem, we are called (and women are specifically wired) to be helpers.

But sometimes, I take on more than what I’m called to. Sometimes, I see a need and take it on as though that’s my responsibility, when it’s not.

Do you ever find yourself doing that?

When we go beyond what God has called us to, our lives will be stretched beyond the bounds of grace.

Ever feel that way?

Ever have so much on your plate that you are a danger to your loved ones?

Ever get overwhelmed because you’ve taken on much too much?

Sometimes it’s hard to discern whether I’m to serve by stepping in and rolling up my sleeves for some hands-on ministry, or whether I’m to pause, pray, and help my friend look for other options.

What if I’m short-changing someone else by robbing them of the opportunity to serve the friend who is needing help?

What if there are women on the sidelines who are frustrated because they want to serve, but their opportunities are stolen by those of us who jump in before the sideliners get a chance to take a step forward?

When I step in too quickly to serve, it may be a heart issue. And I’m not talking about the heart of compassion, no, I’m talking about an ugly heart issue—Pride!

When I think I’m the one who needs to step in to rescue a friend in need, perhaps it stems from personal pride.

Why am I so sure I’m the one the downcast soul needs?

Why do I think I have the remedy for the troubled heart?

Why am I so quick to supply the fix, answer the question, provide the solution?

I am no Savior. There is only One.

[box]“Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord” (Proverbs 16:5).[/box]

[box]“Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way” (Psalm 139:23-24).[/box]

Father, I desire to be Your vessel, but slay me if I attempt to usurp Your place. I long to be Your fragrance, but I fear that too often I reek from the odious stench of self. My passion is to fill the earth with Your glory, but my flesh is prone to attempt this privilege in my own strength.

Purge me. Let me kiss the rod of rebuke. You alone are God. I am the least of Your creatures.

Perhaps you’ve never struggled with the tendency to “fix all” or to step in and rescue, when maybe God has different plans. But if you are one who can relate to the dangers of picking up “messiah tendencies” please feel free to leave a comment: confess, share, or ask for prayer.

Thankfully, His grace abounds!

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