What Every Friendship Needs

Do you have friends who’ve shown themselves faithful and true?

I have friends like that.

There is a tangible comfort that comes from enduring friendships; from deep relationships forged over a lifetime. God-glorifying friendships can serve as an “iron-sharpening-iron” process that stimulates our spiritual growth. I’ve been thinking about what the description of a true friend might look like and the ingredients that develop that kind of relationship.

I’m not this kind of friend (yet), but this description is what I aim for. This is the kind of friend I want to be.

What Every Friendship Needs:

A good dose of candor sprinkled with grace. Honesty delivered with humility. Respect that is based on a person’s value, not their performance. Kindness: the fruit of the Spirit that joins service with goodness. Steadfast devotion that demonstrates loyalty when tempted to be fickle. Generosity.

Every Friendship Needs: 

Confidentiality that is safe. Purity of heart. Calm, when anxiety threatens to drown. Undeserved grace. Lots of laughter. Words of truth that clear doubt’s fog. A smile that welcomes differing opinions. Hope-filled exhortations. Forgiveness that is freely given whether requested or not. Compassion.

Every Friendship Needs: 

Planned and spontaneous adventures. Celebrations. The steadying element of dependability. Guileless conversations. Hearts that release hurtful memories. A dedication to thinking the best. Zero-tolerance for gossip. Freedom to weep together. Joy for the other’s success. Sharing special days. The spirit of advocacy rather than negative criticism. Gratitude.

Every Friendship Needs:

Sincere gentleness that softens life’s blows. Acceptance. Thoughtfulness produced from intentionally considering the other. Patience with weaknesses. Time. Openness that invites critical conversations. Appreciation for differences. The sharing of sorrows. Got-your-back commitment that’s battle proven. Self-sacrifice.

Long listening sessions. Inside jokes. Cherished memories. Endurance.

Hearts bound together by the strong cord of true love:

[box]“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13)[/box]

Do you want that kind of friendship?

Are you willing to be that kind of friend?

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