Successful Women

I’m surrounded by two precious friends in this picture. These women could wear the mantle of “success” according to the world’s value system. This week, I’ve featured one of these friends, Carolyn McCulley, on the blog. She is an author, but also an entrepreneur. Carolyn founded Citygate Films in 2009. Her cinematic documentary films, which cover spiritual, humanitarian, and social justice topics, are beautifully crafted, inspirational, and impacting the media realm.

Jennifer is the trade book publisher at B&H Publishing. She serves the body of Christ in an integral way by providing quality, interesting and theologically sound resources. But she also facilitates ministry projects in Latin America and devotes time to serving there as often as possible.

Jennifer and Carolyn have achieved success in many arenas, but I view them as valuable because of their devotion to Christ, their commitment to His Word and prayer, their active role in making disciples, and their investment in my life through friendship.

That is why I measure these friends as “successful” women.

I want to challenge those of you who feel as though your life doesn’t count for much. You’re not climbing any corporate ladders, you don’t have a daily radio program, and you’re not on the front-lines of a “big ministry” effort. I would beg to differ with you. Your life does count for much—if . . . and there is a big IF here:

Your life counts for much if you are walking by faith and obediently following God’s mission for you in this moment. 

You may be the young college student who is stretched to the max with assignments and just trying to survive . . . you feel like success is nowhere in sight for you right now. Or maybe you’re the mom with six little ones at home and three are still in diapers! Success for you would be potty-training. Maybe you’re in your final season of life, and you’re experiencing a season of depression because you realize you may never experience the “successes of life” you had planned so long ago. Life has not turned out as you’d hoped.

To each of you, let me share a word of truth . . .

If you are in this moment seeking to walk by faith, being obedient in the assignment God has given you today, if you are dedicating your talents, energies, and areas of responsibility to Him to use in His kingdom as He desires—you are one successful dynamo! 

I applaud you.

And I admire you.

In my view, successful women are women who seek to glorify God with their lives. They are others-centered rather than self-centered. They are women who reach for the heights of spiritual maturity, and don’t shrink back when reaching for those heights includes things like changing diapers or holding the hand of a dying loved one. Their attention isn’t captured by the glitzy and shiny, but their achievements are powered by a humble obedience to God’s call.

[box]“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men . . .” (Colossians 3:23)[/box]

How do you measure success?