The End of Drama Queens

The world is filled with too many drama queens. I see them everywhere. In the grocery store, at the ball field, at the mall . . . drama queens seem to be taking over the planet. They blast their emotional upheaval to the embarrassment of shoppers and display their theatrics in a way for everyone in their vicinity to be informed of their plight.

I’ve decided that every Drama Queen needs a Titus 2 Friend.

Do you have friends who point you to truth? Friends who offer the comfort of God’s grace when you are hurting? Friends you you feel safe confiding your heart to—knowing they will go to God alone with your struggles?

I am eternally grateful for friends like that—they are gifts to me from the Father.

Women are wired to be social creatures. When there’s exciting news to share, heartbreak, disappointment, or the need of a shoulder to cry on—we usually turn to a friend.

Within the Titus 2 passage there is a valuable word of exhortation that should be a vital aspect of our friendships:

“Encourage the young women to . . .be sensible” (verse 5).

Sensible . . . did you get that?

Sounds a little boring, doesn’t it?

Rather than boring, this one little word is packed with meaning. It’s the Greek word, sóphrón: to be of sound mind, to be self-controlled and temperate. To operate with this mindset is to use wisdom—taking the knowledge of the Word of God and applying it practically to the demands of daily life in order to live life to God’s glory.

To be a “sóphrón” woman means that your behavior is directed by God’s truth rather than driven by your emotions.

Ouch! Now He’s getting personal . . .

When faced with challenging circumstances, the tendency for most women is to react, not in wisdom, not “sensibly” but to react with our emotions! This is where being a Titus 2 friend can be helpful. I have a few friends that I turn to when I know I’m not operating with a “sóphrón” mindset, and my request is: “Speak truth to me.”

Let’s look at a few truths that should drive our behavior when it comes to our relationships with our friends:

 Listen well (Proverbs 15:28; 18:13)

 Don’t get caught up in the emotions of the situation, but be sensible in your reaction (Proverbs 31:25-26)

 Be others’ focused rather than self-focused (Philippians 2:3–8)

 Be a source of godly comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3–7)

 Communicate messages of hope, grace, and truth (Ephesians 4:29; Colossians 4:6; Proverbs 24:14; 27:6)

 Demonstrate faith (Hebrews 11:1; Psalm 56:3–4)

 Be an iron-sharpening-friend by humbly suggesting ways for her to practically apply the truth of God’s Word (Proverbs 22:17; 25:11–12)

 Be discreet and confidential (Proverbs 25:9b)

 Direct your friend in need to the One who has all wisdom as her ultimate counselor (Psalm 9:9–10; 91)

 Pray with her and commit to prayer intercession for her (Colossians 1:10–12)

If you are living out these instructions in Titus 2, your influence can bring an end to the “Drama Queens” in your life.

You may be reading this post and thinking “I want a friend like that!”

Be a friend like that. And then ask God to bring friends into your life who will point you to truth when you are struggling.

Are you this kind of friend to others?

If you’re known as a “Drama Queen,” wouldn’t you rather be known as a Titus 2 friend?

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