Will You Pray?

Today, I’ll be joining with more than 8,000 women as we dig into God’s Word and seek God’s heart. We’re in Indianapolis at True Woman ’14 and I wish you could be here with us! (Or maybe you are here . . . if you’re a reader on the blog and you’re here with me at TW ’14, please come up and introduce yourself—I’d love to meet you!)

If you aren’t in Indy, you can live stream the conference.

Whether you’re in Indy or not, what I’m asking you for today is PRAYER!

Will you join us by interceding for us?

This conference will be full of women who need to meet with God.

There will be women attending who’ve never experienced Jesus. There will be lonely and isolated women with hurting and broken hearts. There will be women who want to run, to hide, to leave their husbands, to just give up. There will be thirsty women who need to drink deeply of living water.

There will be appointments here. Pray for each of us to be sensitive to those appointments to share the gospel. A dear friend of mine was able to lead a woman to receive Christ as her Savior at the last conference. Pray for that.

Ask God to birth women into His kingdom at this event.

I will be sharing my heart at two different breakout sessions today. Will you intercede for me?

In the first breakout session, I’ll be joining my dear friends, Holly Elliff, Vicki Rose, and Leslie Bennett, as we talk to women about how to navigate the trenches of a difficult marriage. Pray for us to be sensitive to their needs, to be filled with the Spirit as we speak, and to provide women with practical help.

In the second breakout session I’ll be challenging women to consider whether they are beautifully fierce or destructive in their fierceness. Pray that women will be encouraged to live out their true identities as image-bearers of God. Please ask the Spirit to anoint me to deliver His truth in a winsome manner that glorifies Him. Pray for women to leave the room with a greater passion and love for Jesus.

Will you ask God to meet with us in life-changing ways that bring Him great glory?


  • Laura Howell

    Praying, Kim!! Wish I could be there but grateful for God’s gift to be able to intercede for His glory.

    Love and prayers,

  • Pauline Butler

    Praying for you, dear Kim, and the rest of the godly women there with you. I am watching via Live Stream and my heart has been so blessed already. Praises to our great God and King for what He is doing in your lives and in the lives of the women you touch daily. It is an honor and a privilege to join you before the throne of grace to intercede for women around the world and to lift you and the rest of the TW team up before Almighty God, as you share from your hearts by the power of His Holy Spirit. For the precious name of Jesus and for His sake~~Pauline

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, precious friend. I am so grateful for your prayers and God honored them, He met with us!

    Love and prayers for you ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Pauline ~

    Thank you so much for praying! I am so glad you were joining us through live stream. It was an awesome event and God graciously met with us.

    Your intercession was an integral part of all God did this weekend!

    Blessings, friend ~