Sharing a Sacred Moment

Wholly inadequate but privileged to join in intercession. That’s how I felt standing beside Naghmeh Abedini, my hand cupped around hers, voicing a quiet prayer for her and her children. Nancy DeMoss invited Naghmeh to come and be blessed at True Woman ’14, but she was our blessing.

On the closing day of the conference, Naghmeh stood to share briefly her journey, from coming to faith as a Muslim child, to walking by faith as she courageously battles for her husband’s release from an Iranian prison. Naghmeh has humbly submitted to God’s invitation to a crucible of public suffering, and as she brings her husband’s unjust imprisonment to the public’s attention, she places the gospel in the spotlight.

Before becoming a spokesperson for her husband’s release, Naghmeh was a wife and mom with struggles and fears much like any normal woman. She openly shared with us her fear of public speaking (as she stood before more than eight thousand women), her fear for the future, for financial security, and fears for her children. God is taking Naghmeh on a journey that is stripping away all earthly securities, and yet she is firmly rooted in the peace and joy of Christ.

This beautiful woman of God, who hasn’t spoken to her husband in over two years, and who lives with the awareness that he daily faces the threat of death, stood to encourage our hearts. She challenged us to cling to Christ, to abide in Him, to find our place of safety and security in Him.

If you haven’t heard her story, I want to share with you one of my favorite “moments” from True Woman 14. Naghmeh briefly shares their compelling story in the video below. If you’re a mom, I hope you’ll invite your children to watch this with you and explain to them that Christians today are walking through persecution for their faith. I hope you’ll also share this story with friends who are struggling spiritually or use it as a tool to introduce unbelievers to the reality of the gospel.

As you watch, join me in praying for Naghmeh, for her children: Rebekah and Jacob, and for her husband, Pastor Saeed. We serve a risen Savior who deserves our complete devotion. We may never be required to walk this kind of journey, but we can stand with Naghmeh and her family in prayer as God uses their lives to give compelling evidence for the gospel.