The Value of the Small and Ordinary

The shiny penny was hiding in my husband’s pockets. I barely noticed it before dumping his jeans in the washer. I held it in my hands and smiled down at it knowingly. I wasn’t with him when he picked this one up, but I pictured him crossing a parking lot to pay for fuel and bending down to retrieve this little speck of a dollar.

How many people passed by this little discarded coin and thought nothing of it?

Just a little bit of nothing.

It would take a long time to collect enough of these to add all the way up to a dollar, and then what do you have? What can a dollar do for you? That little piece of nothing lying on the pavement isn’t even valuable enough to take the time to bend over and pick up for most people. To them, it’s just a little bit of nothing.

My man has always seen value in the small and insignificant. 

Whenever we get together with a large group of friends, my husband isn’t usually in the thick of the adult conversation, but he’ll be down in the floor playing with the little ones. Or when we attended a large convention last summer, he spent his conversation time with young Parker (who is eight) instead of catching up with the movers, shakers, and influencers that would’ve been glad to bend his ear.

When I watch him bend down to look a child in the eye and climb into their world for several minutes, the rest of our congregation can be loudly buzzing all around him, but he is fully focused on that one young soul. He is passionately investing in one he believes can one day make a difference, one who can be a truth speaker in their generation, but also one he views as immensely valuable for who they are today.

When I watch my husband do that, it always reminds me of Jesus. I think Jesus had a habit of seeing the value in the small and insignificant.

Jesus delighted in taking the ordinary and doing the extraordinary and He still does. 

Five small loaves.

Two small fish.

One young boy.

Jesus never looked past the value of the little things and I think we all need to take this lesson from Him. I want Him to open my eyes to the valuable and teach me to appreciate the small.

What valuable things does God want you to open your eyes to?

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