Thank YOU!!

Today, I want to pause a moment to say . . .

Thank YOU!!

I just want to send out a big ol’ “Thank You” card, but you’re getting this blog post instead. This “Thank You” goes out to you precious friends who’ve read Fierce Women and encouraged others to read it.

Some of you have told us your story of how God has worked through the book and shared how it’s impacted your marriage on the “Your Voice” page. Thank you! It is so encouraging for me to read what God is doing, but I think these comments can also provide hope for women who are struggling in dark places right now.


Facebook posts, tweets, and other ways of passing on the word about Fierce Women through social media, can be a tremendous tool for letting your friends know about this resource. So many women have lost hope for their marriage, and I pray God places this book in the hands of women who desperately need some answers. You could be the reason some of those women find out about the book.


I never understood the significance of book reviews until I became an author, but apparently it is a big deal. It makes sense that it would be a big deal, because as a reader, I always check out reviews before I purchase a book. Seventy-four kind people have taken the time to write reviews for Fierce Women on Now, 74 is not a great amount, in fact publishers would like a book to get at least a few hundred reviews, but I’m extremely grateful for the women (and a few men) who’ve taken the time to write a review. I’ve been so encouraged that most of them have given Fierce Women 5 stars (that’s good).

So if you’re one of those 74, or if you’re considering posting a brief review online . . .


Why does sharing a good resource with others matter?

Well, I actually think it’s our responsibility to do that. Look at this short phrase in Titus 2:3 ~

“Older women likewise are to be . . . teaching what is good . . .”

I think that “teaching what is good” includes a lot of stuff: passing on cooking lessons, providing helpful suggestions on parenting, sharing something from Scripture that God is teaching you, giving truthful input on life-issues, but also I believe it includes passing on solid resources that can provide food for spiritual growth.

Passing on good books, blog articles, and sermon links, is something I appreciate others doing for me. I’ve received a lot of good discipleship through that kind of “teaching what is good” sharing. So, if you’ve found Fierce Women to be a helpful resource, whether you’re married or single, I hope you’ll pass on the word about it (as well as other good resources) to your friends. And if you’re already doing that . . .


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